Nords: Heroes of the North Game Review. Nords heroes of the north

Heroes of the North Game Review

Nords: Heroes of the North is a strategy MMO that pits Northmen, Elves, Orcs and Dragons in an epic battle against the evil Ice Queen and her undead horde as she covers the entire land of Shingård of an eternal winter. Pick from three factions to determine how your stronghold and environment will look, then customize it with resource buildings, storehouses, barracks and more to defend, support and grow your army.


Nords: Heroes of the North Overview

Nords: Heroes of the North is a browser-based 3D strategy MMO available on Facebook that takes place in the land of Shingård, home to Northmen, Elves, Orcs, Dragons and more. Originally at war with each other, the game’s factions must work together to fight off the evil Ice Queen and her Cold Legion whose intention is to cover the land in eternal cold. Choose from one of three factions to determine your stronghold’s theme, recruiting units from all factions to take part in the game’s combat, which can be viewed in full 3D after the battle results are calculated. Build, upgrade and defend a stronghold under the tutelage of fully-voice acted characters King Björn the Awesome and Skald the Bard, whose antics and writing set them apart from the typical strategy MMO tutorial guide. Join a Clan and work towards a common goal with a team of allied players, pillaging and raiding those who stand in your way.

Nords: Heroes of the North Key Features

  • Three Factions (Northmen, Elves, Orcs) – Pick between the game’s three factions to determine your player portrait and stronghold architecture.
  • Famous Voice Talent – King Björn the Awesome is a tutorial character voiced by Patrick Warburton (voice of Joe from Family Guy).
  • Customizable Champions – Represent your stronghold with a champion, who can equip armor and skills to help boost your units in combat.
  • Watch Battles in 3D – View your units in combat and watch them pulverize enemies in 3D.
  • Player Run Clans -- Join a group of like-minded warriors in the fight against the Ice Queen, and capture strategic points as a team.

Nords: Heroes of the North Screenshots

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Full Review

Nords: Heroes of the North Review

By, Margo Sikes

Nords: Heroes of the North is a free-to-play 2D browser-based strategy MMO developed and published by Plarium, an Israeli gaming company who developed other popular strategy games such as Stormfall: Age of War and Pirates: Tides of Fortune. Players begin the game by picking their champion to represent their stronghold, falling into one of three factions that influence their architecture: Northmen, Elves, and Orcs. Players begin with a relatively empty base, filled only with key buildings, and are guided along the process of setting up buildings by the game’s voice-acted tutorial characters. Around level 10, players are introduced to raids and PvP and are encouraged to join a clan to take part in group PvP and PvE activities.

Starting Out

The game begins with a loud introduction by one of the two tutorial characters, King Björn the Awesome, voiced by the famous Patrick Warburton, who goes on to give a brief introduction to his kingdom and the situation it is in, and then pops up periodically afterwards to give rough, comedic advice on military aspects of the game, such as recruiting units with Blood Pacts or equipping armor. The other, more practical tutorial character goes by the name of Skald the Bard, who gives tips to help new players survive the game, such as how to build and upgrade structures, use the interface, and join a clan. Players are also shown how to kill monsters, send their troops in the Catacombs for safety, use the game’s Cash Shop and its premium currency, Emeralds, and finally how to scout and attack enemy players to nab their resources.

Stronghold Construction

At the center of Nords: Heroes of the North is the Stronghold; every player has one, serving as a base of operations for all game mechanics and activities, producing resources for units, allowing communication with the outside world and offering defenses to keep your possessions safe. Most of the time spent in the game has to do with constructing and maintaining their base, since every building relies upon the others, making it important to continually upgrade and balance resource consumption. Structures fall into multiple categories: resource-generating, resource storage, administrative, and military; all of which are used in combination to unlock new features, units, game modes, and more. Unlocking new buildings is possible through the games’ Blood Pacts feature, which allows players to sign contracts with neighboring lands to share in the knowledge of different tribes. Building or upgrading structures takes time, which increases higher and higher as players move up in level, making it prudent to choose their buildings carefully, as multiple builders and time boosts cost real money.

Feeding Your Expansion with Resources

Integral to any strategy MMO is the management of resources; any thriving city requires food, shelter, and water. In Nords: Heroes of the North players generate Mushrooms, Fish, and Fire Ale by the Mushroom Patches, Fisherman’s Huts, and Fire Ale Breweries respectively, all of which are used as currency to perform most actions, including training new units, signing blood pacts, and building/upgrading structures. The Mushrooms and Fish are stored in Storehouses, and the Fire Ale in the Alehouses, and can also be placed in the player’s Catacombs to keep them safe from enemy attack. Fire Ale also has an added importance of keeping units happy—if Fire Ale consumption outnumbers the production, the player’s units will automatically be dismissed.

Some secondary resources are also offered from special events within the game, which are used to purchase special, premium items or unique units and buildings. Emeralds are the game’s premium currency and are offered from quests, and can be used to purchase a plethora of otherwise inaccessible defenses, boosts, and shields. Another secondary resource is Elixir, which is gained from Clan-initiated occupy-and-capture events that target large, difficult to defend buildings called Obelisks; Elixir can be used to infuse a unit, which reduces their Fire Ale consumption and increases their overall effectiveness in combat. Finally, Battle Marks are gained from attacking or defending Battlegrounds in Saga Quests, or by good performance in Global Tournaments, which include both PvE and PvP rewards.

Customizing Your Stronghold

Unlocking units and buildings are done with the game’s Blood Pact system, and combat buffs are received through the game’s Champion skill tree. Blood Pacts are acquired through the Hall of Records, which unlock new buildings and units, and typically come at a hefty price of resources and pre-requisites. Unlike Plarium’s other strategy MMOs, Nords does not require Blood Pacts to be individually unlocked with a daily item, making it much simpler to move down the Blood Pact tree and acquire all of the buildings needed. The Champion Skill tree, on the other hand, does not cost regular resources; it uses Skill Points, which are acquired every time a player levels up. The talents on the Champion’s skill tree are used to boost individual units, and can be extremely useful for combat in combination with the Champion’s equipment slots. Equipment typically raises the attack or defense of a particular unit type, and is usually rewarded from combat victories or quests.

Unit Diversity and Roles

Nords: Heroes of the North offers a plethora of unit types to pick and choose from, allowing players to favor certain tribes. Units from all over Shingård are available through the Blood Pacts, including: Elves, Orcs, Northmen, and Dragon units, allowing players to take advantage of their individual strengths and technologies to fight against the Ice Queen. Each unit also falls into a specific combat category: offense, defense, or scouting, which allows them to exceed greatly at different tasks. Sending an offensive unit on a defensive mission will often lead to the loss of that unit, making it important to separate units and send them on different missions to get the full benefit of their strengths. Scouting is a bit different, as it is not typically a unit for combat, and is thus at less risk of getting damaged—scouting units are used to check an opponent’s force in advance, allowing players to send the appropriate amount of firepower to ensure a victory.


Clans act as the guild system of Nords: Heroes of the North, and can be joined at Level 5. Players can create their own Clan at level 10, though it costs premium currency. Players joined together in a clan can unite with their allies to work towards common goals, such as capturing an Obelisk or killing a common enemy player or enemy Clan. Capturing an Obelisk requires a hefty amount of time and resources, as players must first remove the units currently occupying it, then defend it from enemy attack as they use it to increase their Clan ranking on the boards and acquire Elixir to power up their units. Clans can also complete achievements as a group, allowing them individual rewards that benefit their stronghold and their Clan ranking, as well as bragging rights.


On top of the game’s Clan-oriented PvP, players also have local targets—their neighbors, active or inactive—that they can scout and plunder. Players have the ability to Scout or Raid enemy players, or choose to befriend them, sending them Reinforcements, and perhaps even a Clan truce. Neighbor vs. neighbor combat is highly encouraged, as the game is considered to be very aggressive in nature, and its PvP rewards greatly outnumber the singular production of a player’s own stronghold. Players’ strongholds are also at risk after three days of playing the game, or if they initiate an attack against a high level player, due to the game’s Novice Protection shield. Players must take great care with their offensive units, as they will likely be destroyed in the event of a higher level player raid—this can be prevented by storing units in the Catacombs, which protect resources and units from getting involved in the attack.

Cash Shop

Emeralds act as the game’s premium currency, and as such, are rather hard to come by without spending money, although acquiring them is not entirely impossible. As is common in the genre, players who spend real money on the game to purchase Emeralds or use it to active the game’s elite account status, Fireborn, are at a great advantage versus non-paying players, due to the amount of quick growth that opens up. Typically very punishing gameplay can be somewhat trivialized with the use of premium currency, although it is not impossible to exceed in the game without it—patience is just required, as the game’s timers get exorbitantly high after the player reaches the upper levels of the game. The game, overall, is pay-to-win, but its advertisement for premium currency is not as over-the-top as some games.

Final Verdict – Great

Nords: Heroes of the North is yet another iteration in the long list of Plarium web strategy MMOs, and can be set apart by its modern, more cartoony aesthetic and somewhat more simplified game mechanics. Taking the formula they so often re-create, Nords feels like more of a positive effort to improve upon that formula rather than simply re-skin it, due to the simplification of the Blood Pact system (which usually requires daily items to progress in) and the inclusion of the Champions giving it a bit more individualized flair and fun RPG elements, without giving it unneeded complexity. Unfortunately the game is pay-to-win, and only being able to watch battles is disappointing as opposed to being able to control them in some way. Nords: Heroes of the North is overall a solid game, its interesting combination of Nord + fantasy elements is more unique thematically, and will appeal to fans of strategy MMOs looking for a game with nice graphics.

System Requirements

Nords: Heroes of the North Requirements

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD EquivalentVideo Card: Any Graphics Card (Integrated works well too)RAM: 512 MBHard Disk Space: 100 MB (Cache)

Soldiers Inc is a browser based MMO and will run smoothly on practically any PC. The game was tested and works well on Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Any modern web-browser should run the game smoothly. Nords: Heroes of the North is available on Facebook.

Additional Info

Nords: Heroes of the North Additional Info

Developer: Plarium GamesPublisher: Plarium Games

Platforms: Web (browser) and FacebookRelease Date: May 19, 2015

Nords: Heroes of the North was developed and published by Plarium Games, an Israeli gaming company responsible for a plethora of other games in the same genre, including Total Domination, Pirates: Tides of Fortune, and Stormfall: Age of War. The game is available in multiple languages, and its voice acting is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and German. It was released worldwide on May 19, 2015 on Facebook and boasts over 100 thousand monthly users.

Game Guide | Nords: Heroes Of The North


You have been tasked with assembling an army consisting of Dragons, Orcs, Elves, and Northmen to fight alongside King Björn the Awesome against the evil Ice Queen and her Cold Legions! Your Stronghold will be your source of wealth and Resources, the heart of your army and the central point of your ever-growing domain.

Your job as Lord Marshal is to build and command your army, grow your Stronghold, and protect it from the Cold Legions. On your journey you will have to challenge rival Strongholds and fight to claim your place in the annals of Shingård!

Only through clever diplomacy, Resource trading, and the forming of Alliances with other Lord Marshals will you leave your mark! The choices you make, Lord Marshal, will determine your chances of success!


Singing Blood Pacts will pay off by increasing your strength as an army and your ability to stand up to the Ice Queen. It will also allow you to train new types of Units, gain abilities, and even construct new Buildings. Update Blood Pacts to increase the statistics of Units and Buildings.


If you wish to come out on top in the battle against the Ice Queen, you must learn to manage your three main Resources – Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale. To increase your Resource production, you will need to construct Fisherman’s Huts, Mushroom Patches, and Fire Ale Breweries.

These will help provide the people of your Stronghold – and the warriors in your army – with everything they need to survive and grow. Your Fish and Mushrooms will be stored in Storehouses within your Stronghold, and the Fire Ale you produce will be stored in Alehouses.

All of your Units will require a certain amount of Fire Ale per hour in upkeep costs. Build and Upgrade your Fire Ale Breweries to increase the amount of Fire Ale produced each hour. Remember, the total amount of Fire Ale that can be kept in your Stronghold is limited by the capacity of your Alehouses, so do not forget to continuously Upgrade them to increase their storage.

A wise Lord Marshal knows better than to rely solely on the Resource production of their own Stronghold and citizens, but will instead use their army to retrieve the necessary Resources. You will also need to master the art of Trade if you wish to maximize the efficiency of your Stronghold – Trade your surplus Resources with your Clanmates to ensure you always have enough to sustain your Stronghold!


Simply having a large army is not enough to win the war against the Ice Queen – you will need to be a master of the strategic arts if you wish to stand a chance against her and her Cold Legions! Join a Clan or create and develop your own to fight alongside other Lord Marshals, occupy other Strongholds, and increase your control over Shingård! Fight together and cooperate with other Lord Marshals to defeat rival Clans, gain fame, and enjoy the spoils of battle.

By creating your own Clan and assisting other Lord Marshals, you can supply Resources and even Reinforcements to each other in times of need. To succeed and overcome the Cold Legions, it is going to take a joint effort! You’ll need to work together and master battle strategy if you have any hope of victory – be warned, no Lord Marshal can survive alone!

Играть в Nords Heroes of the North игра в браузере Норды Герои Севера

Вход в игру Норды Герои Севера

   Вход в игру Норды Герои Севера не составит вам труда, после обычной бесплатной, стандартной регистрации в игре. Зарегистрироваться в игре просто, придумайте уникальный ник и пароль, подтвердите созданный игровой аккаунт по электронной почте и можете играть в Nords Heroes of the North игра в браузере Норды Герои Севера с любого компьютера с подключенной сетью интернет.

Video: видео к игре Норды Герои Севера Nords Heroes of the North Gameplay

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Информация по игре

   Браузерная игра Nords Heroes of the North использует в качестве расчетов, строительства, найма, развития города, главного и дополнительных персонажей и других функций игры, следующие типы ресурсов: эль - добывается в пивоварнях; рыба - в хижинах рыболовов; грибы - в грибных садах; изумруды - при выполнение квестов, достижение новых уровней игры, высоких рейтинговых позиций среди игроков, а также методом оплаты за реал (донат). Для добычи эля, рыбы и грибов вы построите соответствующие здания, которые можно улучшать повышая их уровень, при этом производство ресурсов увеличится и вам нужно будет построить склады для их хранения, которые также можно улучшать для их большей вместимости. Ресурсы можно также ежедневно собирать с жителей вашего города в виде налогов, а также нападая и грабя города других игроков. Если вам не хватает ресурсов, вы можете их купить за изумруды, за них можно также ускорить время строительства и улучшения зданий, время добычи ресурсов, нанять уникальных дополнительных героев, установить в городе лучшие оборонные сооружения, сократить время найма войск, сменить облик или ник и еще много других игровых функций. Выполняя сюжетные квесты вы постепенно развиваете своего главного героя, набираясь опыта (необходимо набрать определенное количество очков для перехода на новый уровень игры), очки опыта начисляются в боях за победы над противником, заключение соглашений (открывается доступ к новым игровым функциям), строительстве и модернизации зданий. Боевые характеристики главного персонажа повышаются за счет усиления ваших атакующих и защитных юнитов и снаряжения. Снаряжение можно найти в сундуках при выполнение заданий, заработать в боях (с побежденных соперников) или купить в магазине. При этом следует учитывать, что усилить параметры героя, можно только с помощью соответствующего для той или иной расы снаряжения, исключением являются драконьи артефакты - они подходят для всех рас. Снаряжение делится на атакующее - перчатки, сапоги, оружие и некоторые кольца и защитное - шлемы, доспехи, щиты и кольца с защитными чарами. Его можно улучшать до 5 раз - за счет осколков ненужного артефакта (необходимо разбить), для улучшения и разбития требуется время, нельзя улучшить снаряжение одетое на героя.

Играть в Норды Герои Севера

| Браузерная военная стратегия + фэнтези |  Windows XP/Vista/Seven | Intel 2,0 ГГц | ОЗУ 512 Мб | ВК 512 Мб |

Обзор игры в браузере Норды Герои Севера


Nords Heroes of the North игра в браузере Норды Герои Севера, в жанре военная стратегия в реальном времени в фэнтези мире, созданная и изданная студией "Plarium Games" в 2015 году. Вам предлагается создать своего героя и окунуться в суровый, фэнтезийный мир Нордхейма. Мир созданный много веков назад, населенный нордами, орками и эльфами, где когда-то владычествовала сама Снежная Королева, истребляющая живых и пополняющая многочисленные орды своих слуг - нежити. Призвав в помощь Великих Драконов, свободолюбивым расам Нордхейма, удалось одолеть и прогнать великое зло и в стране наступило вечное лето. Наступило мирное время, конечно-же не без военных стычек между орками и эльфами и не без драк с нордами - больших любителей эля, но такова жизнь и без раздоров в ней не обойтись. Однако недолго в стране жизнь текла своим чередом, жестокая и мстительная Снежная Королева, вновь вернулась на просторы Нордхейма, с еще большей армией нежити и диким желанием истребить всё живое. Пришло время вновь объединиться всем расам Нордхейма и дать достойный отпор жестоким захватчикам. Вам предстоит построить свой город, развить инфраструктуру, создать свою армию, натренировать ее и начать освобождение Нордхейма от многочисленных орд нежити, дать бой самой Снежной Королеве! В игре вас ждут бои не только с искусственным интеллектом, но и с другими такими-же как и вы игроками, с которыми вы можете не только воевать, но и дружить, объединяясь в кланы и сообща достигать поставленные цели. Как начать играть в Норды Герои Севера, вы узнаете из нашего небольшого обзора игры с геймплейным видео роликом. Прекрасная графика, отличная музыка от известного композитора Jesper Kyd (музыка для игр), озвучка NPC (с юмором), иронический сюжет, увлекательный геймплей, зрелищные анимированные бои, доставят для любителей жанра игры в браузере, удовольствие не на один день игры!

   Прежде чем начать играть в игру, предлагаем всем желающим почитать наш обзор игры в браузере Nords Heroes of the North - для первоначального знакомства с ее ключевыми особенностями. Как и во всех браузерных играх, вам необходимо для входа в игру - бесплатно зарегистрироваться, после чего определиться с расой вашего главного персонажа, за которого вы будете играть. Всего рас в игре три, с выбором мужских и женских персонажей. 1. Раса Нордов: Варлорды (мужской) - профессиональные воины, уже с пеленок их готовят ко всем тягостям несения военной службы и ратным подвигам, массивные чугунные игрушки и грубая шерстяная одежда закаляют их дух и тело, превращая их со временем в суровых, мрачных головорезов, которые не прочь померяться силами с любым кто встанет на их пути. При этом они считают, что только им по праву принадлежит Нордхейм, ведь что не говори, но страна и на самом деле начинается с названия их расы - Норд. Варлорды большие любители попить эля и поскандалить, а если они увидят при этом эльфов или орков, то без серьезной драки не обойтись, они люто их ненавидят и готовы найти любую причину для потасовки. Валькирии (женский) - красивые, грозные воительницы, обладающие прирожденной интуицией к любым агрессивным действиям по отношению к ним, но в отличие от эльфиек, они не заморачиваются психологическим анализом, а сразу-же пускают в ход свое или чужое оружие, наверное поэтому как только их увидят мужчины, они прячут все свои острые предметы от их великолепных глаз, подальше от греха. 2. Раса Эльфов: Звери (мужской) - крепкие мускулистые воины с длинными ушами, за которые в своей жизни они подвергались множеству насмешек со стороны других рас, но их уши приобрели такую форму в результате длительной жизни на лоне природы и не раз их выручали при охоте на диких зверей, по своей натуре ярые перфекционисты во всем, они посвятили свою жизнь изучению воинского искусства и теперь с чудовищной жестокостью расправляются со всеми, кто с ними не согласен, не говоря уже о шутках о форме их ушей, за что их еще прозвали маньяками.

    Тени (женский) - красивые амазонки выросшие в гармонии с природой, обладающие не только силой, но и рассудительным умом, они многому научились от своих мужей маньяков, а жестокости им не занимать, поэтому многие уходят в Орден Теней, где поклоняются Великой Матери Кошке, принося ей дань в виде мертвых птиц, грызунов, драконов, орков и других бедолаг выступивших против эльфов, не вовремя попавших им под руку. 3. Раса Орков: Дой Хан (мужской) - настоящие хитрые чудища, обладающие огромной силой и неистовой отвагой, один только их свирепый вид наводит ужас на воинов-новичков, среди орков есть мнение, что ханом достоин стать только самый сильный и умный орк, при этом признаком его ума будет считаться если он следует правилу - сила есть, ума не надо. Они очень сожалели, когда были вынуждены заключить перемирие с другими расами в борьбе со Снежной Королевой и ее войсками, так как суп из эльфийских ушей - было их любимое лакомство. Кой Хан (женский) - свирепые воительницы, которые многому научились от своих мужей, однако для того чтобы стать ханом и возглавить свое племя, женщина-орк должна добровольно уйти в изгнание и завоевать славу в бесчисленных сражениях с другими расами, при этом очень редко кому удается выжить в них. Но если таково происходило, то племя орков получало величайшего опытного вождя, настоящего "марсианского воина" (по слухам все орки родились на Марсе - кровавой планете войны), которому беспрекословно повиновались все, включая мужчин. Вот такие необычные образы героев вас ждут в игре в браузере Норды Герои Севера, но вы сильно не расстраивайтесь, если не встретили близкий вам по духу образ, так как игра не эпическая, а с изрядной долей юмора и иронии по своему сюжету, что придает ей оригинальность среди подобных браузерных стратегий, кроме того, в ходе игры можно менять облик своего героя, за определенное количество изумрудов.

   Юниты в игре в браузере Норды Герои Севера по своему назначению делятся на 2-а вида - для атаки и для обороны, нет никакого смысла атакующих оставлять в обороне, вы их просто потеряете, если хотите держать их в резерве, укрывайте их в "Убежище". Защитных юнитов необходимо ставить только на объекты, в которых предусмотрен персонал для защиты, их также не стоит отправлять в атаку. И атакующих и защитных юнитов можно отправлять в помощь друзьям, по их назначению. Улучшить параметры своих юнитов, вы сможете улучшая доступные и приобретая новые умения. Юниты характеризуются следующими параметрами: принадлежность к расе; защита от нордов, от орков, от эльфов, от драконов; грузоподъемность ресурсов при грабежах; скорость передвижения; время обучения; стоимость содержания в эль/час. Для улучшения доступных и изучению новых умений, необходимы очки умений (для новых дополнительно выполнить требования всплывающие в окнах подсказок) - начисляются при переходе на новые уровни игры (чем выше уровень, тем больше очков) и за победы на целях. Система боя игры в браузере Nords Heroes of the North полностью автоматическая, вы сможете просмотреть бой в качественной анимации, но в ходе боя повлиять на него нельзя. Поэтому в ПвП боях при нападениях на поселения других игроков, целесообразно отправлять в разведку юнитов скаутов, для просмотра сведений о противнике. В игре действует защита новичка - в течение 3-х дней на вас не могут напасть. У вас имеется 10 попыток грабежей игроков в сутки. ПвЕ бои представлены в битвах с НПС при выполнение сюжетных заданий, а также в турнирах - особых миссиях, где можно воевать как в одиночку, так и с группой игроков. В игре имеется система достижений с различными наградами, кланы - вступать в которые очень выгодно, вы всегда можете попросить помощи у своих союзников, и еще много других интересных событий. Мы рассмотрели только основные моменты игры, на этом наш обзор игры в браузере Норды Герои Севера завершен, желающим познакомиться с первыми шагами, прохождением начальных уровней игры предлагаем посмотреть наш геймплейный видео ролик к игре Video Gameplay. Успешной и приятной вам игры и хорошего настроения!

nords heroes of the north MMO

Nords: Heroes of the North is a Browser F2P MMO Strategy developed by Plarium for Web Browser / Facebook.

Nords: Heroes of the North is a MMORTS meets RPG where players are transported to the realm of Shingård where a dark entity has settles on the snowy lands and the dead have begun to rise and turn their sites upon the living as they maraude across the Kindom. Rise as a hero of the North, command your own city, raise an army and become one of the last hopes that can push back this dark foe and work alongside other allied heroes. Focusing on PVE and PVP strategy players can turn their sights on rival players in a bid to become the most powerful Nord in the realm.

The game is completely free to play and can be played through your preferred web browser or played via Facebook where users can share their progress with their friends and recruit them to gain in game bonuses. Offering stunningly detailed 3D cartoon style graphics and voice overs from professional actors including Patrick Warburton (Men in Black II, Seinfeld, Rules of Engagement and the voice of Joe Swanson from Family Guy) who plays the key role of King Björn the Awesome, one of your key guides through the game along with his own personal bard.

The primary objective in the game is to lead your Nordic stronghold to glory, as Lord Marshal you are responsible for acquiring various resources needed to construct buildings within your stronghold and train up an army to defend it. Not only that but your army is able to take on enemies, undead AI and rival player strongholds in a bid to earn ranking within the Kingdom as well as legendary items and gear to equip your hero.

Heroes can come from one of three key factions found in Shingård; the Orcs, the Elves and the viking Northmen, though there is no mechanical difference between the three each ones stronghold will have a completely different look and design based off a players choice. Their hero chosen and named players can work towards equipping them with all manner of items, similar to an MMORPG each hero has multiple equipment slots, from weapons, gloves, helmets, rings, armor and more that will increase their offensive and defensive capabilities. Heroes also gain Skill Points that improves the quality of the dozens of available units that can be trained up.

Training up a an army is a slow and steady process, typically requiring some of the three main resources: Mushrooms, Fish and Ale, training units also takes time, with players focusing on a wide selection of Offensive and Defensive units ranging from the simple Spearman and Shield Maiden to Elven Mages, Ogres and even various Dragons. To unlock higher level units players need to make Blood Pacts with neighbouring settlements, though in practice the Blood Pacts are essentially a technology tree, branching off into different sections, with their own Blood Pact pre-requisites, players will typically have to construct certain buildings to sign a Blood Pact and lure these unit types into their stronghold to fight for them.

The game continuously pushes players with an extensive tutorial offering up a long chain of quests to guide them through the various features and reward their progression with XP, resources, items and units. Beyond the tutorial these quests continue and range from tasking players with constructing specific buildings, taking advantage of certain features and as often as not attacking AI opponents and other players.

When combat is initiated, either against the AI or when a player attacks a rival stronghold or, if their protection has run out, their own stronghold is attacked then units will fight against each other in automated combat to resolve the winner based on unit types and overall strength. Players can watch the battle back with a replay and watch the combat animations of their units fighting against their enemy as well as gaining full battle reports on the outcome. Ultimately many players choose to band together and create their own Clans where they can work alongside their comrades, trade resources more easily and wage ware at a much greater scale, against individuals or other Clans as they compete for the top spot earning themselves glory and rewards.

Nords: Heroes of the North | Press Kit

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Nords: Heroes of the North Game Review

I’m no stranger to the realm of Vikings. Especially in the genre of strategy gaming. So here I am again in Plarium’s latest, and in my opinion, best looking game yet, Nords: Heroes of the North. Right from the get go you’re bombarded with the more comical narrative differentiating it from the rest of Plarium’s line-up. As you might expect going in, you’re king of another stronghold yet you have no idea what the heck you’re doing leading the kingdom. Your skald does though, and is willing to teach you the basics without even judging you harshly for it. Before you know it, your feet will be off the ground, your troops addicted to ale, and a world of plunder will be taunting you with the possibility of conquest. Rally the Viking “scouting parties,” as its time to jump into Nords.

I went into Nords with low expectations. After reviewing games in this genre for the past four years, I was expecting the usual gambit. Weak narrative, basic tutorials that explain the stuff any dolt could figure out on their own, and then a confusing world afterwards with no real direction to guide you. End result? Boredom. Nords does it a bit different. The narrative is hoisted above the rabble with top notch voice acting (for the important stuff anyway) with jokes that hit on point. The menu is streamlined and easy to navigate. But the overarching style is what sells it for me. While the main race may be Nords, the rest of the world carries a fantasy vibe with Orcs, Elves, Frozen Zombies, and the like. Depending on your champion, your whole stronghold will evolve and look quite differently, and all variations offer some of the best looking visuals in the free to play segment of this genre.


Some serious effort was put into city visuals.

When you have done all the basic steps needed to get your production flowing, you can go outside your gates with an army to attack big beasts, or perhaps even a fellow player. You are mostly placed around other new strongholds to make it fair, with the kings protection for the first three days so you don’t log in for the second time to see all your creations burning. This means you are safe from the higher leveled players, but don’t forget that this game requires time and you have to spend it wisely to stay around the same levels or perhaps even higher than your ‘friendly’ neighbors.

This is primarily done by upgrading your production and troops, slaughtering everything that comes on your path be it friend or foe (everything is XP on the spreadsheet!), and gathering more resource types than you’d expect in a free to play game. All this combines to level your account up, unlocking bigger, better, and not uncommonly drunker things. Advancement in the game is expectantly slow paced, though not to the punishing extent of some of the newer offenders like Game of War. Just go in aware that you might be waiting minutes to hours to train and build units and structures. There are minutes or hours to train or build. While this means you cannot play this game all the time, you can log in regularly to either send you army to find some beast, or to go to your neighboring strongholds to do some good. There are also a series of quests you can follow that will give you some special rewards.


When wait times are long, there's always tactics combat to pass the time.

Other players obviously play a big role in this game. Since you cannot conquer the world alone you will have to join up with a clan. There are a lot of player owned clans that all have their own ranking and requirements. If you find a clan that suits you and get accepted after throwing your request their way, you’ll be assimilated into their forces. This comes with a nifty personal chat room. You also are able to get an Obelisk by being in a clan. Since acquiring them is such an enormous task of scale and difficulty, its pretty much impossible to do any other way outside of clan support. You can conquer and hold Obelisk to expand your territory over Shingard, the land of this game. These Obelisk are usually defended by strong monsters and bosses so being in a clan in control of one gives quite a feeling of achievement. If you are in control of an Obelisk you will have to pool together resources with your clan as a type of payment for holding the Obelisk.

To keep a never ending supply of things needing upgrading, you can expect to return to your existing buildings often to empower them. Each level will either bolster production scale, or allow you to produce stronger units requiring additional resources. Some buildings are reliant on others in this manner to operate efficiently, so you’ll find yourself slowly upgrading your full base as time passes to get the most out of everything. Another resource drain comes in the form of defending units, especially siege turrets or cannons to get the most bang for your buck. As you can expect, all these inconveniences can be done away with for a price. Cannons or other siege units unfortunately cost Emeralds. Emeralds are the in game real money currency that you can get by either playing the game, or by throwing money at your screen.


Finally a world map that doesn't cluster everyone in like sardines.

Conclusion: Good (3/5)

While I still enjoy playing this strategy romps from time to time, lately I’ve felt burnt out as the genre seems out of new ideas. Each and every one seems to just rehash on what worked before them, sometimes offering even lower quality products than the last. With that said, Nords is the rare exception to raise the standards and join the echelon of elites. The current style is really appealing, complimenting the humor and simple to learn game mechanics. I also joined a player made clan right from the start filled with a bunch of awesome people that didn’t mind teaching a new recruit what’s what. Once you start playing you’re in the game, and you have to remind yourself that your neighbors are eyeing the same resources, and even your base, with the same greedy eyes as you. Unleash the power of your micromanagement skills and show them who the better leader is!

Heroes of the North MMORPG

GENRE: Free to play MMORTSPLATFORM: Facebook / Web BrowserDEVELOPER: Plarium


Nords: Heroes of the North is a free to play browser based MMORTS where players step into the boots of a Hero tasked by King Björn the Awesome, ruler of all Shingård, to battle against the rising undead that threaten to destroy the kingdom. In exciting strategy combat players must build up their own stronghold, gather valuable resources, field a military force and take the battle to not just the AI enemy but other real world players. The game can be played for free and accessed with ease through web browser or Facebook platform and doesn’t require a client download.


- Voice overs provided by professional actors including Patrick Warburton who voiced Joe Swanson in Family Guy - Rule over your own stronghold and construct various buildings - Create a Hero from the Orcs, Elves or Viking Northmen - Customize your hero and equip them with legendary items - Train units from not just the three factions but also the mighty Dragons - Quest based PVE content - PVP focused gameplay competing against rival players - Free to play - Browser based game


Dark stirrings are going on across the realm of Shingård as the Ice Queen has begun to rise the dead from their snowy graves and have them rampage across the land in a war against the living. As a Hero summoned by King Björn the Awesome you must rally your forces and take on the Cold Legion as well as keeping your rivals at bay through trade, diplomacy and aggression.


The core of the game is a resource gathering, base building, army raising RTS that focuses primarily on PVE campaign content in the early game and then towards PVP conquest against other rival Strongholds where players can fight for rank and rewards.


Each player takes on the role of a Nord Hero, able to name their character and choose from one of three different factions, the Orcs, the Viking Northmen or the Elves, players can select either a male or female character and their choice of faction will determine the overall graphical look of their stronghold.

The primary role of Heroes is to push through a little more of the RPG element and give players the chance to upgrade their Heroes skills as well as acquiring powerful items, artifacts and gear to help them improve the stats and fighting abilities of their men.


The true source of a Marshals power comes from their Stronghold, their own personal settlement which they must tend to and protect from both AI and player threats. There are a variety of buildings that players will need to construct and upgrade to bring in needed resources such as fish, mushrooms and fire ale, as well as constructing such buildings as the Orc Stockade and Elven Enclave to gain access to these factions units and train them up to join your army. Resources are consumed each time a building is constructed or a unit is trained, but units in particular require ongoing maintenance paid by key resources to keep them in battle.


Units come in different shapes and sizes and can be acquired by signing Blood Pacts with the four game factions; Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons, the Blood Pacts act in a similar way to a traditional technology tree and players will need to meet certain criteria and acquire pre-requisite Blood Pacts before they are able to unlock new ones. With the Blood Pacts unlocked the Marshal can begin to train up various defensive and offensive units ranging from the Northmen Berserkers and Beast Masters, Orcish War Hog and Brutes, Elven Mage and Forest Guardians, and even the Firedrake and Rockwings of the Dragon faction.

Signing Blood Pacts will also give access to a variety of new abilities and new buildings that in themselves provide other benefits to the army and the Stronghold.


The aim of the game is conquest over the AI and over other players, done through attacks and raids on enemy strongholds the game will automate battles (which can be watched back) and determine the victor based on the composition of both armies, their units, upgrades and Commander traits. Players can work together and form allegiances and Clans or go solo, but those who walk these lands alone are vulnerable to larger groups that will conquer their holdings.


Web Browser

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