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Soft plastic bait, commonly known as just plastic bait, is any of a range of plastic-based fishing baits, termed so because of their soft, flexible rubber texture. Designed to imitate fish or other natural aquatic food sources, their realistic texture and versatility, combined with simple and economical production has led them to become a standard article of modern fishing tackle. Soft plastics are available in a large range of colours, sizes and particularly shapes.


A typical twister worm or twister tail

Soft plastics found their origins in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with small worms and grubs being moulded from hard rubber. The stiff rubber used, as well as the basic shapes produced, did not allow the flexible action and effectiveness of modern soft plastics to be observed. In 1972, lure manufacturer Mister Twister patented the Curly Tail concept, utilising the flexibility of silicone-based plastic to create a rubber lure with a more lifelike action and vastly improved fish-catching effectiveness. By the early to mid-1980s, high sales volumes of Mister Twister lures prompted many new entrants into the market, with competition soon leading to a broad and diverse selection of soft plastic lures being made available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. Additionally, Tom Moore created the Touchdown Lure in 1974 in the back room of his store in Indiana. The Touchdown 6" Original was born with two hooks with naturally weedless weed guards and include a 12-inch leader with swivels and a sinker. Later a Pro version was created with two larger hooks and a 36-inch leader.

The Carolina rig. Various soft plastic fishing rigs and methods have evolved through anglers targeting specific fish species.

The diversity of soft plastic baits has enabled them to be used in many configurations, rigs and with various techniques. The original, and still most commonly seen use of soft plastics is as a simple lure, using a weighted hook known as a jighead. The hook of the jighead is threaded through the lure so that only the gape of the hook, and the eye, are exposed. Methods vary according to the shape of the plastic used, however is it most often cast and retrieved with short, sharp jerky motions applied by the angler through flicking the fishing rod tip. Experienced soft plastic anglers attempt to emulate the natural movement of the animal the soft plastic imitates, such as a prawn, baitfish or crawdad.

Soft plastics are also trolled and jigged in the same method as metal or hardbodied lures, and used as artificial baits in classic real-bait rigs. The many rigs, techniques and uses of soft plastic lures are as varied as the designs, colours and sizes they are available in. Specialised techniques and rigging methods have evolved from anglers targeting specific fish species or in particular areas, such as the Texas rig and Carolina rig. Tandem Rigs are designed to avoid losing fish that "short strike" the bait. A variation of the traditional Jig Head, called a Deep Darter Head, provide a sub surface "walk the dog" action on the soft plastic lure. The swimming tin, designed in the late 19th century to rig dead eels, is produced today to impart great action on large style soft baits like Hogy Lures 10-18 inch soft baits.

Modern variants[edit]

Today, soft plastic lures take on many forms and hybrids. Hardbody hybrid lures, with a solid plastic front half and soft plastic tail for lifelike action and appearance, are now common. These hybrids often use treble hooks, diving bibs and other features once restricted to hardbody lures. Concern over the instance of non-biodegradable plastics being lost in fragile water systems has prompted the creation of organic, biodegradable lures that retain the flexible, rubbery texture and action of traditional polymer soft plastic lures by tackle manufacturer Berkley. These new baits are based on different polymers, namely polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), instead of the more usual polyvinyl chloride (PVC). There is much controversy in the angling community regarding the true nature of this new form of organic soft plastic, which has led to the use of such lures being prohibited in some lure-only angling competitions. However, since PVOH is still a synthetic polymer, which at the grades used in the Berkley lures only dissolve in water temperatures above 60°C, claims of biodegradability of this sort of lure are questionable. Companies like Hogy Lures have also developed soy based, large style, soft plastic lures designed to target trophy class fish.


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Fishing Soft Plastics

The evolution of soft plastic baits has greatly advanced over the years virtually giving anglers a wide variety and selection for all game fish. Soft plastics offer many advantages over hard bodied lures such as crank baits and spoons that does not have the soft texture as real food. When a fish strikes a soft plastic bait it feels natural so fish will mouth it longer giving the angler extra time to set the hook.

In making soft bait’s the plastic is heated into a liquid form then poured in a mold to replicate the shape, grub, worm, baitfish, crawfish, lizard, frogs, and insects. During the bait making process additional ingredients can be added to appeal to the fish’s senses such as, scents, layered colors, metal flakes, and flavors.

Other significant details of soft baits today in manufacturing is to add life like realistic features like crescent rings on worms and grubs, floating claws on crawfish, web feet and feelers on amphibians, holographic and translucent flash on shad and minnow baits replicating the scales of baitfish.

Other benefits in fishing with soft plastics are rigging the hook, the point can be buried into the body of the bait where it cannot snag underwater obstructions such as dense weeds, rocks, brush and logs, but yet the hook will penetrate through the soft bait when you set the hook. Another is scents, they can be treated with bottled-paste attractants or purchase them already molded in. Soft plastic’s will hold scents much longer than hard bodied lures that wash off quickly.


Fishing set-ups with Soft Plastics

In casting or vertical jigging the smallest soft plastic lures for panfish and crappies use ultra light spinning gear spooled with 4-6lb test monofilament. Species such as walleyes and smallmouth bass with a mid sized plastic’s use a medium light to medium spinning gear with 6-8lb test monofilament.

In using larger plastic’s with hooks buried into the bait that requires a strong hook set for large mouth bass and northern pike use medium to medium heavy bait casting gear spooled with 14 to 20lb test low stretch monofilament line.

For muskies that have the largest plastic’s up to and over 1lb use heavy to extra heavy bait casting gear spooled with 50 to 80 lb low stretch abrasion resistance braided line. Many rod manufactures specializes in making powerful fast action rods dedicated for soft plastic fishing.

The popular use by anglers of soft plastics has skyrocketed over the years by the increased number of new products introduced annually by lure companies this is evident with fishing tackle pro shops in store displays, catalog pages for online and print buyers guides.

As a reference listed below are a few of the most commonly used soft plastics in order to help you identify each type.



The invention of the plastic worm spawned more variations of soft plastic baits than any other in fishing lure history. Grubs, jerk worms, crawfish, tubes, lizards, swim/baitfish all where developed based on the introduction of the soft plastic worm technology back in 1949 by a Ohio luremaker. Worms come in sizes from a few inches for trout and panfish up to 12 inches for bass and pike.

The types ( floating and sinking) and the colors of worms made today are in hundreds of thousands with the multitude of color variations and scents. The main fish attracting action components of worms are the texture (ringed, ribbed or smooth) affecting the sink rate and the tail (ribbon, twister, paddle, or straight) which provides vibrations when the worm is moved. In rigging a worm, there are two options pre-rigged with a hook or series of hooks, or using a Texas rig the most common, Carolina rig, wacky rig and the drop shot rig.



Fishing with soft plastic grubs has been a longtime favorite among anglers for all species. Grubs are composed of soft plastic round body either ringed, ribbed or smooth, combined with single curly tail, double curly split tail, paddle tail, or straight tails for various actions. Grubs come in various lengths from 1″ up to 12″ and hundreds of colors combinations.  The most common use for grubs is tipped on a jig, or as a trailer on a inline spinners and spinner baits. Grubs are also popular to fish using a drop shot rig, split shot rig and Carolina rigs.



Soft plastic baitfish come in numerous sizes and colors to mimic forage fish. Determine what baitfish are in the waters you’re fishing and select a profile size and color to match, for a natural presentation. Usually the smaller the better. Many soft plastic baitfish baits feature a paddle tail that wiggles when retrieved, but others have curly tails and forked tails that give them swimming action. Fishing soft plastic baitfish imitations are a excellent choice jigged along the bottom or brought in on a straight retrieve.



Tubes are rounded hollow soft plastic bodied bait open ended with a series of tentacles on the base. The main body is usually smooth but some have a ribbed exterior. The interior hollow design works well with holding liquid or paste scents. Tubes range in sizes from 1″-2″ for crappies and panfish 3″-6″ for largemouth and smallmouth bass up to 14″ for big pike and muskies.

Most often tubes are rigged using a weighted tube jig placed within the tube’s body or to make a tube weedless anglers use a wide gap hook threading it through the nose and securing the hook into the body on the outer wall of the tube. Upon casting a tube it will display a spiral action on the fall with the tentacles undulating providing a injured baitfish look, in jigging the tube off the bottom it will appear as a crawfish imitation especially good for feeding smallmouth bass. Tubes can be rigged as bait using a Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, or on a drop shot rig.



The soft plastic crawfish or crawdad is a deadly on bass when presented along rocky bottom area’s. The main feature of a imitation crawfish is the pinchers when tipped on a jig it gives the bait a realistic  defensive posture by raising it’s claws that sends bass a signal to feed. Crawfish soft plastic’s are available from craw trailers to the highly detailed featuring pinchers, antennae, legs, abdomen and tail.



Fishing with a lizard in the early season especially during the bass spawn is particularly effective, as bass absolutely hate lizards. Various lizards have a reputation as bass bed robbers, they will raid a nest and eat the bass eggs even before the bass guardian has a chance to react. Lizards come is a wide variety of colors, scents, ribbed, smooth, floating and sinking. The most common fishing techniques are similar to fishing plastic worms, using Texas and Carolina rigs or tipped on a jig for flipping and pitching.


Leeches & Reapers

Leeches and reapers are a basic variation of a soft plastic grub, rounded head and body leading to a soft thin membrane sides. The smaller reapers resemble a leech while the larger reapers mimic baitfish. The sizes start from 3″ for walleye and bass up to 12″ for pike and muskies.  Most anglers rig a leech/reaper tipped on a jig head inserting the hook through the head or use a split shot rig and a single hook. Reapers are a good bait to use on waters that receive a high amount of angling pressure.



Using a floating soft plastic frog around the lily pads for bass is exhilarating as the bass comes out of the water and engulfs your lure. The advantages of soft-plastic surface frogs are, they are weedless with the hooks positioned against the body, they feel natural with their soft spongy body, so the bass will hang on to the lure longer giving more time for the angler to set the hook.

The best fishing tip we can offer while using a top water frog is fish slow. After a cast let the frog sit until the ripples subside now pop or twitch the frog once or twice, then let the frog sit for a few seconds and repeat. To change up the presentation upon reaching weed pocket or opening let the frog sit and just barely twitch the frog so just the legs quiver. Summertime bass laying in the weeds aren’t active most of the time, but can be enticed by a easy meal.



From the 1950’s through the 1970’s the soft plastic bait industry was focused on worms and grubs used for bass. That changed in the 1980’s when small basement lure companies started producing larger soft plastic lures designed for pike and muskies. This spawned a revolution in the 1990’s regarding the soft plastic lure market as larger companies began taking notice and adding larger soft plastic baits to there product line.

Today there are hundreds of variations, colors, combinations of hard bodied soft tail baits, some even weighing 1 lb and 15 inches in length. Fishing with super sized soft plastic’s opened a new chapter and presentation for pike and muskies anglers through out the world.

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Molds for making your own soft plastic worms, baits and fishing lures

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Use our worm molds to make your own special soft plastic baits. Add colors, salt, and scent to customize the fishing lure. Molds make a fully round lure with no flat sides on the lure. Plastic worm molds include complete illustrated instructions.

Molds for making your own soft plastic worms, baits and fishing lures
The Do-It Essential series soft plastic bait molds are sand cast aluminum, not machined. They offer most of the resolution of a CNC machined mold at a fraction of the cost. All molds make fully round baits and many models have multiple cavities. Molds require injector 410-301.

This injector is used to push heated soft plastic (plastisol) into Do-It Essential series soft bait molds. Plenty of capacity for multiple shots. Nozzle is easily removed for quick cleanup. Injector becomes hot with use. We recommend our Hot Mill gloves for handling hot injectors, plastisol and worm molds.

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Our worm making kit includes everything needed to start making soft plastic worms and baits. Kit includes 5 full round molds with built in injectors, liquid soft plastic, coloring, glitter and full color illustrated instructions. Specific molds and coloring in kit may vary from those pictured. This product is intended for adult use only. Minors should only use under close adult supervision.

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Vinyl plastisol produces a crystal clear worm and is the main material used in making soft plastic worms. Plastisol comes in liquid form and must be heated to about 325 degrees and allowed to cool for it to become solid. Use with injection and hand pour molds. To customize your soft plastic fishing lure, add salt, different colors and glitter. This product is intended for adult use only. Minors should only use under close adult supervision.

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Soft plastic hardener is used as an additive to make harder, tougher worms. Mix with our regular soft plastic to achieve your desired hardness. Always mix hardener into cold, liquid soft plastic and stir thoroughly before heating. This product is intended for adult use only. Minors should only use under close adult supervision.

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Lurecraft plastisol No. 502 is blended to reduce chemical odors and a heat stabilizer to produce a ultra clear soft plastic bait. Plastisol is a milky colored liquid that must be heated and then cooled to form a solid. Can be used with injection and hand pour molds. Add coloring, glitter, and scent to customize your lure. This product is intended for adult use only. Minors should only use under close adult supervision.

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Our soft plastic worm coloring is formulated to be fade resistant and mixed in the colors fishermen want for making soft plastic fishing lures. Add worm coloring to our liquid soft plastic to get the color you need. Coloring can be mixed to get the exact shade you want. Easy to use dropper bottle. 1 oz. Bottle.

Order #: 440203

Lurecraft worm coloring is a concentrated formula that allows you mix just 1/2 oz. of coloring to every quart of soft plastic. Experiment with colors to get the exact shade of fishing lure you want. Flo. yellow coloring must be added to room temperature plastisol. All other colors can be mixed into hot or cold plastic. 1oz Jar.

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Glitter is especially formulated to stand up to the heat of making soft plastic fishing lures. Fine Size .008". Pack size is 2 oz. by weight.

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Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

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Soft Plastic Fishing Baits

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Netcraft has a wide selection of soft plastic baits from famous fishing lure manufacturers.

Soft Plastic Fishing Baits
Soft Plastic Baits - Zoom, Berkley, Kellys, Big Bite, Strike King, Dominator, Yamamoto, Roboworm, reaction innovations, Zoom

Add “click” to your soft plastic baits with our glass rattles. Use the added weight and movement of the BB’s modify your lure’s action.

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Bio Spawn Plasma Tail 4.5" finesse worm was designed for drop-shot fishing and other finesse techniques. The PlasmaTail is sure to attract a bass's attention from far away. Plus our variety of colors gives you many options for both stained and clear water. This is one bait that will become a must-have in your arsenal. 10 Pk

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The Damiki Armor Shad 3" is super soft and designed to dart and glide through the water, imitating a fleeing baitfish. The Armor Shad is loaded with scent for additional fish attraction, and its ribbed texture, creates a lifelike feel that makes bass hold on longer. Available in a variety of bass catching colors, the Damiki Armour Shad is a versatile bait that has proven deadly for sping time bass in clear water.

Order #: 515261

Hitchhikers are a small coiled wire shaped like a corkscrew. Hitchhikers are easily installed on any jig by snapping it onto the eye of the fish hook. Your soft plastic bait is then screwed on to the Hitch Hiker and held firmly in place. Hitch Hikers work well with soft plastic and pork.

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Lake Fork Tackle Live Magic Shad is the ultimate live-action swimbait! The advanced design of the Live Magic Shad mimics the swimming motion of a fleeing baitfish when retrieved. The Live Magic Shad is made from super soft plastic and garlic impregnated, forcing fish to hold on longer. The Live Magic Shad draws impressive strikes and can be rigged - weightless, Texas, Carolina, drop shot, wacky, or on a jighead. 3.5" 6PK

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Component Systems Quick Coat worm dipping dye is specially formulated to permanently change the color of your soft plastic baits. Use this worm dye to customize worms, grubs and creature baits. Colors Marked UV Blast are UV enhanced to reflect UV light, effectively lighting up your lures.

Order #: 380551

The 360GT Searchbait from Storm is the ultimate confidence lure that has been designed to fish anywhere by all skill levels. As a searchbait, it allows you to cover more water, uncovering more fish. That is just the beginning. Once you locate fish, there’s no need to switch your presentation. The 360GT Searchbait has a life-like rattling jig head and body that fit precisely, a natural swimming action with color patterns that fish can’t refuse.Exclusive VMC Coastal Black hook has extended “leg” on line tie to further enhance action. 60° angle keeps lure swimming in the perfect position. Comes with one pre-rigged lure and two replacement soft plastic swimbait bodies.

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Replacement wacky rigging o-rings for the Wacky Worm Tool. Color black.

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Soft Plastic Cookbook - Soft Plastics

Heres the ones submitted from the users at

date : 26/11/2002

Color : aarons magic

By : chirmy

Plastic : litlle bit

Mix : add 4 drops of green and 6 drops of blue pearl to about 3 ounces of plastic

Notes : Not exactly but a close look alike

date : 26/11/2002

Color : Bluegill

By : B & D Lures 1

Plastic : 1-2 ounces of plastic

Mix : black color-add 1 drop of color to plastic until you get a light to medium shade of smoke.

.035 black glitter

.035 gold glitter

.035 blue glitter

put the same amount of black and blue glitter in the plastic.

put only a very light amount of gold glitter in the plastic.

Mix everything real well, by stiring. Once you are satisfied with the mixing, begin pouring into your mold(s).

Mix again after 2 pours.

date : 27/11/2002

Color : Zoom Plastic recycle

By : Larryinmarietta

Plastic : 1/2 cup of old zoom worms

Mix : For more heavy baits add more salt when worms are completely melted.

Notes : This is for micowave oven directions: first add about 1/8 cup of un-cooked fresh liquid plastic to a corningware cup. Then add plastic worms parts, cut up into 1 inch parts. Set micowave to low/med power and set timer for 1 min. You will have to adjust the time and setting for your microwave. I use an old unit in the garage for this activity. Spray the molds with worm oil/jacks juice/cooking oil pam to make getting the new worms out of the mold. Cook the plastic till the new plastic is ready and the old worms are all melted. Add additional salt and glitter if needed and pour.

date : 28/11/2002

Color : smoke with flake

By : megabass/ Ken

Plastic : per ounce

Mix : sure this is an easy one but years ago I had to learn by trial and error so this should help someone just starting to pour worms.

add one drop of black per ounce of plastic for light "clear" smoke and two drops of black per ounce of plastic for a "medium " smoke color .

Add silver and black flake to imitate baitfish ,Red to imitate crawfish or another good crawfish imitator is made by adding red,green,black,and copper (or orange)flake to smoke colored baits. This is essentially the Yamamoto grub color #180

Notes : always use an exhaust fan and avoid breathing the fumes from hot plastic when melting /pouring.

I normally use a microwave and cover the pyrex cup with saran wrap to contain the fumes .

date : 28/11/2002

Color : junebug

By : megabass/Ken

Plastic : per ounce of plastic

Mix : add three drops of "indigo" (black grape) per ounce of plastic .

when plastic is hot stir in green glitter until you get the desired effect.

date : 28/11/2002

Color : Cotton Candy

By : basskat

Plastic : 4 ozs.

Mix : 1 drop pumpkin, 1 drop red, green, red, black, & blue glitter. Add scent and/or salt just before pouring.

Notes : You may have to adjust the colors some depending on your preferences.

date : 05/12/2002

Color : Bubblegum

By : JGK

Plastic : 1/2 cup @ 4 oz.

Mix : 5-6 drops Florescent Pink

2 drops white

Notes : The florescent pink must be added before you heat the plastic. Stir and put on heat. The plastic will become darker as it becomes heated. When ready, add white and stir. Pour.

date : 24/12/2002

Color : Junebug

By : B & D Lures 1

Plastic : 1 ounce

Mix : 1 ounce of liquid plastic

add purple color until you reach a medium to medium heavy shade. Mix thoroughly.

just before you pour, add green glitter( enough to your able to see the green shade). Do not put too much glitter. You will lose the strength of your plastic.

Insure that you mix the plastic each time you pour.

date : 10/03/2003

Color : watermelonseed- non bleeding

By : Wonderboy

Plastic : 5 gallons

Mix : 6.8 grams school bus yellow. 4 grams black. .3 (or 1/4 cup) small black glitter. .3 (or 1/4 cup) large black glitter.

Notes : add dye and glitter before cooking. You may need to add cab-o-sil , a few cups, to keep the glitter from falling. Mix WELL ! If you are using a microwave, add salt after it is cooked.

date : 17/07/2003

Color : Plum

By : alsworms

Plastic : 4 ounces

Mix : 6 drops Black Grape

5 drops Strawberry

I like blue flake mixed in also.

date : 17/07/2003

Color : Mustard Seed

By : alsworms

Plastic : 4 ounces

Mix : 6 drops MF Transparent Yellow

4 drops Lure Craft Amber Brown

3 drops White

black flake

green hi-lite (optional)

date : 22/07/2003

Color : Watermelon Candy

By : alsworms

Plastic : 4 ounces

Mix : 4 drops MF Watermelon Brown

Lots of small & medium purple flake

touch of medium red flake

touch of medium black flake

touch of medium blue flake

touch of large green flake

Notes : I have seen many variations of watermelon candy, but this one works best for me. I especially like the brown watermelon.

date : 01/08/2003

Color : Watermelon red

By : bassin5

Plastic : 2oz

Mix : 2 drops LC watermelon

1/8 tsp fine red glitter

a hair over 1/8 tsp med black glitter

1/2 tsp salt.

Notes : This is the closest i have come to matching zooms watermelon red color. Works great in just about any situation. Good luck.

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