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Software (not) news (2)

Today, we're going to introduce games from our "web". New and old games as well. Three representing points have been chosen from each category.

17.6.2009 | Martin Charvát | read 16434×

Software (not) news (1)

You can find a software whose signature is already on our portal. This can be for somebody an interesting solution. One product with a shorted signature and a reference is chosen from each category.

20.5.2009 | Martin Charvát | read 11144×

interview: Bram Moolenaar

Bram Moolenaar is the author of Vim, text editor which is very popular among unix enthusiasts.

27.6.2007 | Luboš Turek | read 25214×Comments: 2 | Last: 3.02.2016 12:18


Review of new version of distro of Linux dreams from Brazil.

5.1.2007 | František Hucek | read 69024×Comments: 1 | Last: 6.09.2014 12:09

Interview with João Batista Esteves - Dreamlinux

Dreamlinux is by my opinion the best Linux distro at the moment. We bring you interview with João Batista Esteves (Drjesteves) - Dreamlinux Project Leader.

18.12.2006 | František Hucek | read 24610×

Downloads on

From this month we stopped competition in adding software records. Reason and our next goal with linux software database are described in this article.

5.8.2005 | Ondřej Čečák | read 30816×

Interview with Ladislav Bodnar -

Born in former Czechoslovakia, now running from Taiwan the best site of linux distros DistroWatch.

12.3.2005 | František Hucek | read 35367×

Experience from installation Mandrake 10.0 Official on AMD Opteron

We have decided to test several available distributions on our dual-opteron server (details e.g. here. One of the distributions we have chosen to test was Mandrake 10.0 Official pro AMD64.

5.10.2004 | Petr Houštěk | read 26354×

Squid - part II

In the previous part we went through acl classes, now let's continue with acl operators.

13.7.2004 | Petr Houštěk | read 27880×Diskuze: Comments: 1 | Last: 2.03.2010 06:06

Squid – part I

As you probably know, squid is a web proxy cache. It has a variety of uses, from speeding up the connection to web servers by caching repeated requests, to blocking pages with commercial or pornographic content. Squid is very robust and developed under GPL.

23.6.2004 | Petr Houštěk | read 35923×

Computer science policy, software patents and czech political parties - EP candidates

I was freely inspired for writing this article by Alan Cox's open letter in which he appealed to hackers, open-source supporters and all UK citizens generally to vote in upcoming EP elections two particular British political parties which are against software patents. As I read Alan's letter I just realised that I had absolutely no idea what was our czech political parties' (EP candidates) attitude towards software patents and what was their general European computer science/telecommunication policy at all.

11.6.2004 | Josef Muknšnábl | read 19527×

AMD Opteron Server – Part 2 (Favour of 64 bits)

In the first part of this series we discussed hardware of AMD64 server. In this article we will describe some features of AMD64 platform and the Opteron processor and do a brief review of Linux support.

10.5.2004 | Jan Houštěk | read 26671×

AMD Opteron Server – Part 1 (Hardware)

On April 22, 2003 AMD introduced their first 64-bit processor, Opteron (previously called Hammer or SledgeHammer). Nearly one year after we decided to meet with this technology. While AMD's focus of the AMD64 platform also involves desktop solutions, our aim was to build a high-performance Linux server.

5.3.2004 | Jan Houštěk | read 31413×

LINUXSOFT.CZ - our goal

Linux is without a doubt the future of operating systems. Due to it's stability, security, cost and open source idea among others it is already taking over Microsoft's Windows in the server area, in the desktop area it is going to happen any time soon.

5.3.2004 | František Hucek | read 23533×

List of 137 Best Software for Linux Free Download 2014

Making a list of best Linux software is very tough task. And if you start writing about best software for Linux we’re sure that you can fill an entire book by listing various software’s in different categories. So to make the work easier, we decided to gather all the best Linux application under the same hood.

We  visited lots of web forums, some online sources and took a help of lots of users and Linux expert to complete this list. We’re damn sure without their help we will not be able to make this list. We have categorized the best Linux Software Applications based on the performance, ease of use and quality. So without further ado, let us have a look at the best Linux software

Best Antivirus Software for Linux

1. avast!

Its an amazing antivirus software for Linux which offering all scanning feature of Avast Antivirus.

2. Clam AntiVirus

Its an open source virus scanner and its tool-kit able to detect many types of malicious software, including viruses.

3. AVG

Its a Linux version of AVG which is well know as antivirus and anti-spyware security software.

4. BitDefender

Get the best real-time security for your Linux PC with this advanced software.

 Best Firewall Software for Linux


 Gufw is a firewall powered by UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall).

2. Shorewall

Shorewall is a gateway/firewall configuration tool for GNU/Linux. Using this you can make managing iptables easier.

3. Firestarter

Its an amazing graphical interfaced Open Source firewall for Linux.

Best File Recovery Software for Linux

1. Mondo Rescue

It’s free disaster recovery software. It supports Linux (i386, x86-64, IA-64) and FreeBSD (i386).

2. TestDisk

Its an free and open source data recovery utility which you can use to recover lost partition.

3. safecopy

Data recovery tool which tries to extract data from the damage area of floppy drives, hard disk partitions, CDs, tape device.

4. PhotoRec

Data file recovery software which helps you to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disks.

5. ddrescue

One of the simple and easy to use data recovery utility.

Best Backup Software for Linux

1. CrashPlanrsync

One of the best backup program for Linux, which you can use to back up and store personal, business and enterprise data securely.

2. BackupPC

 Free Disk-to-disk backup software suite with a web-based front-end.

3. Deja Dup

It’s a simple and powerful backup tool for Linux.

4. LuckyBackup

Powerful, fast and reliable free backup application.

5. rsync

 Fast and extraordinarily versatile file copying tool.

6. fwbackups

Its a feature-rich user backup program that allows you to backup your documents anytime, anywhere.

Best System Maintenance Software for Linux

1. Ubuntu-Tweak

An application designed to config Ubuntu easier for everyone. Its featuring control panel to manage lots of features of Ubuntu.

2. Gnome System Monitor

It’s a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with a nice easy-to-use interface.

Best Browsers for Linux

1. Google Chrome/Chromium

Its one of the best web browsers from Google.

2. Firefox

It’s another top most open source web browser.

3. Midori

 Its a lightweight and fast web browser.

4. Opera

Its one of the most advances and fastest browser.

5. Epiphany

Epiphany is a simple yet powerful GNOME webbrowser targeted at non-technical users.

6. Links

Open source text and graphic web browser with a pull-down menu system.

7. reKonq

Its a web browser for KDE based on WebKit.

Best Email Clients for Linux

1. Thunderbird

Its an open source email client.

2. Claws Mail

An email client (and news reader) with plugin mechanism.

3. Evolution

It provides integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring functionality to users of the GNOME desktop.

4. KMail

KMail is a simple and safe way for kids and teens to email friends and family.

Best Communitcation Software for Linux

1. Kopete

 Its a flexible and extendable multiple protocol instant messenger.

2. Pidgin

 Free Pidgin universal chat client for Linux.

3. XChat

XChat is an IRC chat program for Linux.

4. Empathy

A messaging program that supports all the modern features just like Pidgin.

5. TeamSpeak 3

Its an multi-platform voice chat program.

6. Gwibber

Open source microblogging client for Linux..

7. Liferea

Free desktop news aggregator with support for Google Reader and Tiny Tiny RSS.

8. Emesene

Chat program using which you can  connect to different networks like MSN, Gtalk, Facebook chat, Jabber and others.

9. Skype

Most popular VoIP desktop client for Linux.

Best Photo/Images Software for Linux

1. Inkscape

One of the best editor for editing SVG files.

2. Shotwell

Its simple and easy to use photo editor for GNOME.

3. F-Spot

Its another photo manager just liked Shotwell but with more features.

4. Cheese Photo Booth

With the help of this software you can take pictures with different cool effects.


One of the most popular open source image editor.

6. Scribus

One of the popular desktop publishing program with lots of  features.

7. digiKam

 Advanced digital photo management application, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a “snap”.

8. Darktable

Open-source photography workflow application and raw developer.

Best Audio Software for Linux

1. Banshee

Its one of the best music manager like iTunes.

2. Rhythmbox

Its an integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple’s iTune.

3. MPlayer

Best movie player for Linux.

4. OggConvert

Open source utility for converting audio and video files.

5. Sound Juicer

 Software helps you to extract audio from compact discs and convert it into audio files.

6. Amarok

Music player and manager with support for cover art, integration, and QtScript plugins.

7. Audacious

Audacious is a free and advanced audio player based on GTK+

8. Tomahawk

Using this you can play music for many different offline and online sources.

9. Audacity

Audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio.

10. Clementine

Multiplatform music player which inspired by Amarok 1.4 with easy to use user interface.

11. Mixxx

Its an amazing audio mixing software for perfect DJ enviornment.

Best Video Software for Linux

1. VLC Media Player

Open-source cross-platform multimedia player using which. You can also stream audio and video in different formats.

2. Kdenlive

 Free open-source video editor for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD

3. Openshot

Another Free open-source video editor for Linux, but it’s very simple and powerful which focuses on usability, flexibility, and style.

4. Pitivi

 Open source, non-linear video editor

5. Totem

One of the simple and easy to use media player for common formats.

6. Blender

Open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation.

7. Xvidcap

Amazing software to capture activities that occur on your desk.


Complete media center solution for Linux.

Best Files and Drives Software for Linux

1. DownGParted

Free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions.

2. Nautilus

Its a default file navigator for GNOME.

3. Dolphin

It’s a file navigator software for KDE with lots of social media features.

4. Thunar

New modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment.

5. Krusader

Advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE

6. Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer

Its an graphical disk usage analyzer for GNOME

7. GNU Midnight Commander File Manager

Its best file manager for free operating systems.

8. uCommander

Its a cross-platform file manager.

Best Document Software for Linux

1. LibreOffice

Free power-packed open source personal productivity suite.

2. OpenOffice

Its another open-source office productivity software suite.

3. Abiword

An open source (freeware) word processing program.

4. Gnumeric

 A spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME.

5. Xournal

Its notetaking application written for Linux and other GTK+ platforms.

6. PyRoom

 Full-screen writing program for Linux.

7. Kate

Professional text editor by KDE.

8. DownCalligra

Calligra Suite is a graphic art and office suite.

Best Productivity Software for Linux

1. Tomboy

Desktop note-taking application

2. Gnote

 Gnote is a port of Tomboy to C++

3. Hamster Time Tracker

Use this software to track the time which you spend on projects.

4. Docky

One of the best docks, software for Linux

5. Avant Window Navigator

Its cool alternative to  Docky

6. Cairo

Software library used to provide a vector graphics-based. It’s also an alternative to Docky and Avant Window Navigator.

7. Shutter

Open-source screenshot program for Linux

8. Dropbox

File hosting and synchronization software for Linux

9. QuickSynergy

Application that allows the user to share his mouse and keyboard between two or more computers.

10. Gnome Tweak Tool

An application for changing the advanced settings of GNOME 3

11. Zim

 Graphical text editor designed to maintain a collection of locally stored wiki-pages

12. Kupfer

Summoner/launcher in the style of Quicksilver or GNOME

13. Wunderlist

Manage tasks, to-do lists, and to get things done

14. Ubuntu

Store, sync and share information in Canonical cloud.

Best Desktop Enviornment for Linux


Desktop environment and graphical user interface

2. KDE

Powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations


Extremely fast-performing and every-saving desktop environment

4. Enlightenment

Whole suite of libraries to help you create beautiful user interfaces

5. Xmonad

Tiling window manager for X.

6. OpenBox

Highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support

7. Cinnamon

Provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience.

8. Xfce

Desktop Environment aim to to be fast and low on system resources

9. Mate

Aims to preserve the classic desktop metaphor

Best Archive Software for Linux

1. File Roller

Archive manager for the GNOME desktop environment

2. Ark

Program for managing various archive formats within the KDE

3. Tar

Software to create tar archives. Introduction, download, and manual

Best CD and DVD Software for Linux

1. Brasero

Application to burn CD/DVD for the Gnome Desktop.

2. Gmount ISO

Small tool allows you to easily mount your cd images.

3. K3b

Comfortable CD/DVD writing suite for Linux/KDE

Best Download Software for Windows

1. Transmission

Bittorrent client runs natively on multiple operating systems

2. Deluge

Open source, cross-platform BitTorrent client

3. Miro

Tool to download torrent video online

4. Uget

Help you in downloading and converting clips from youtube, metacafe and many other websites

5. Wget

Computer program that retrieves content from web servers

Best Editor Software for Linux

1. Emacs

Extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.

2. Vim

Complex editor for terminal with lots of features

3. Nano

Simple and easy to use editor for terminal

4. Leafpad

GTK+ based simple text editor.

5. Gedit

Lightweight editing tool for the GNOME desktop found in many distributions of Linux

6. Bluefish

Powerful editor targeted towards programmers and web-designers.

Other Best Software for Linux [Uncategorized]

1. LastPass

One of the best online password manager

2. KeyPassX

Open source password manager, with password generator.

3. TrueCrypt

Open-source disk encryption software

4. GnuCash

Personal and small-business financial-accounting software

5. Wine

Allows Linux users to run Windows programs

6. RedShift

Changes the color temperature of your screen to prevent tired eyes.

7. Compize

Compositing window manager for the X Window System

8. Ecilipse

Provide a universal toolset for development.

9. Geany

Lightweight cross-platform GTK+ text editor

10. KMyMoney

Fast, secure and Free Open Source finance manager

11. Kwin

Reliable and flexible window manager for KDE Plasma Desktops, now with effects!

12. Draftshift

Freeware 2D computer-aided design (CAD) software

13. Bleachbit

Quickly frees disk space and tirelessly guards your privacy.

14. Gramps

Open source genealogy to keep track of family member and there history

If you like to see your software name in our list, get in touch with us using the Contact form.

Image Credits: Lifehacker

Your resource for Linux applications and information.


To start using Linux, you will want to choose a distribution. A distribution, or distro, is the Linux operating system. Distributions are put together by companies or nonprofit groups with the operating system and preinstalled software they feel will best suit you. Many distributions include an application that can search the internet for other Open Source software, download and automaticly install it for you free of charge.

We have listed some of the more popular distributions below including our favorites, Ubuntu and Red Hat. Many distributions, such as Ubuntu, offer the ability to create a bootable CD so you can try out Linux without even having to install it over your current operating system. Once you pick your distribution, it might be a good idea to pick up a book to help you with the installation and setup for your needs.

Ubuntu Home PageUbuntu is a community developed, linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need - a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more. Red Hat Home PageFor businesses, governments, or other users looking for stable, supported, and certified Linux. Red Hat can be bought off the shelf at many software retailers and offers various levels of pay support. Debian Home PageDebian is produced by almost a thousand active developers spread around the world who volunteer in their spare time. It comes with over 18,000 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine. Gentoo Home PageA special flavor of Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. Extreme performance, configurability and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience. SUSE from Novell Home PageSUSE, now part of Novell, is an enterprise level version of the Linux operating system. This mainstream distribution is popular with businesses who want an alternative to other OSs. Yellow Dog Linux Home PageAn open source, Linux operating system for home, office, server, and cluster users. Built for the PowerPC architecture, it runs on several platforms such as Apple PowerPC computers and even the Sony PS3. Ark Linux Home PageArk Linux is a Linux distribution for everyone - designed to be easy to install and learn for users without prior Linux (or computer) experience, while powerful enough for longtime Linux users. Fedora Home PageFedora, sponsored by Red Hat, is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora has a predictable and consistent time-based release schedule. There is a new release every six months that drives incremental improvements to users at a rapid pace. Slackware Home PageSince its first release in April of 1993, the Slackware Linux Project has aimed at producing the most "UNIX-like" Linux distribution out there. Slackware complies with the published Linux standards, such as the Linux File System Standard. Mandriva Home PageA full Linux operating system on a single CD for both new and experienced Linux users, it is fast to download and install, and also safe to try with a live mode. One is really the one CD you need.

Free Linux Software Downloads - NCH Software

Professional software by NCH Software

WavePadAudio Editing Software

This full featured professional sound editor lets you create and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings and, if required, add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction.

Download for Wine

VRS RecordingSystemMultichannel Voice andTelephone Recording

VRS is a professional voice recording application used for telephone line recording, radio station logging, control room recording and much more. The VRS can record 1 to 64 audio channels simultaneously and features automated start and stop if required.

Download Native LinuxDownload for Wine

RecordPadAudio RecordingSoftware

RecordPad lets you record your voice or other audio in either wav or mp3 with a simple press of a button. So simple to use your Granny could do it!

Download Native LinuxDownload for Wine

FlexiServer Management Software

FlexiServer is software for automatic employee time attendance logging. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works perfectly with home or remote working staff.

Download Native LinuxDownload for Wine

PrismVideo FileConverter

Prism can convert video files from avi, divX, mpg, vob, wmv and more into avi, asf or wmv files. It can also convert your DVD discs into many different formats.

Download for Wine

Express ScribeTranscriptionPlayback Software

Express Scribe transcription playback software is designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. This computer transcriber application features variable speed wave playback, foot pedal operation, file management and more. This program is free.

Download Native LinuxDownload for Wine

SwitchSound FileConverter

This simple to use sound file format converter will convert audio files from many different file formats into mp3, wav or wma files. Just add the files you want to convert to the list, select the format you want to use, and then click the convert button.

Download for Wine

Classic FTPUpload Filesto your Website

This easy to use ftp client lets you view, edit, upload, download and delete files from a remote server (website) or network. Whilst offering all the same features as other ftp clients, Classic FTP is perfect for both advanced and novice website administrators.

Download for Wine

Fling FTP SoftwareUpload, Transfer and BackupFiles to your Website

Fling automates the uploading or transferring of files to your web site or backup folder. The software supports both file transfer protocol (ftp) and network file transfer.

Download for Wine

The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux. (Official site of the table)

The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux.Last update: 16.07.2003, 31.01.2005, 27.05.2005, 04.12.2006, 07.07.2007, 25.11.2007, 29.12.2011 (in progress)

One of the biggest difficulties in migrating from Windows to Linux is the lack of knowledge about comparable software. Newbies usually search for Linux analogs of Windows software, and advanced Linux-users cannot answer their questions since they often don't know too much about Windows :). This list of Linux equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software is based on our own experience and on the information obtained from the visitors of this page (thanks!).

This table is not static since new application names can be added to both left and the right sides. Also, the right column for a particular class of applications may not be filled immediately. In future, we plan to migrate this table to the PHP/MySQL engine, so visitors could add the program themselves, vote for analogs, add comments, etc.

If you want to add a program to the table, send mail to winlintable[a] with the name of the program, the OS, the description (the purpose of the program, etc), and a link to the official site of the program (if you know it). All comments, remarks, corrections, offers and bugreports are welcome - send them to winlintable[a]

Notes:1) By default all Linux programs in this table are free as in freedom. (Definitions of Free Software: FSF and Debian). Proprietary software for Linux is marked with the sign [Prop]. Non-free software (open source or relatively free, but have certain restrictive limits) is marked with the sign [NF].2) If there is nothing in the field of the table, except "???" - the authors of the table do not know what to place there.3) If the sign (???) stands after the name of the program - the authors of the table are not sure about this program.

The important ideological difference between Windows and Linux:The majority of the Windows programs are made on principle "all-in-one" (each developer adds everything to his or her product). In the same way, this principle is called the "Windows-way".The ideology of UNIX/Linux - one component or one program must execute only one task, but execute it well. ("UNIX-way"). The programs under Linux can be thought of as being like the LEGO building blocks. (for instance, if there is a program for spell checking, it can be used with the text editor or email client; or if there is the powerful command-line program for files downloading, it is simple to write the graphic interface (Front-end) for it, etc).This principle is very important and it is necessary to know it while searching for analogs of Windows-programs in Linux :).

You can read more about it in the book "Linux and the Unix Philosophy". There is a chapter in the book that specifically addresses philosophical differences between Windows and Linux.

Attention! There may be many mistakes and bugs in the table!! (report about the bugs).

For those who interested more in Windows-software:1) The "Windows" row in this table is not main. That's why it does not contains _absolutely_ all of existing software - only the best and popular programs.2) Many of the Linux programs can be run on Windows - with CygWin and other Linux emulators.

Programs and games for Windows, that can be run under Wine/WineX:1) The official catalog of Windows apps, running under Wine. (from Codeweavers). There are already more than 1000 applications in the database, so the catalog is structured and has a navigation system.2) The official list of Windows games, that can be run under WineX (fromTransgaming). This is a search form, and this is a full list of games (very big!).

Description of the program, executed task Windows Linux 1) Networking. Web browser Internet Explorer, Opera [Prop], Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome ... 1) Firefox.2) Chromium / Google Chrome3) Konqueror.4) Opera. [Prop]5) Midori.6) SeaMonkey.7) Epiphany.8) Links. (with "-g" key).9) Dillo.10) Galeon. Console web browser 1) Links2) Lynx3) Xemacs + w3. 1) Links.2) ELinks.3) Lynx.4) w3m.5) Xemacs + w3. Email client Outlook Express, Thunderbird, The Bat, Eudora, Becky, Datula, Sylpheed / Claws Mail, Opera 1) Evolution.2) Thunderbird.3) Sylpheed.4) Claws Mail.5) Kmail.6) Gnus.7) Balsa.8) Opera Mail.9) Arrow.10) Gnumail.11) Althea.12) Aethera.13) MailWarrior. Email client / PIM in MS Outlook style Outlook 1) Evolution.2) Bynari Insight GroupWare Suite. [Prop]3) Aethera. 4) Sylpheed.5) Claws Mail Email client in The Bat style The Bat 1) Sylpheed.2) Claws Mail3) Kmail.4) Gnus.5) Balsa. Console email client Mutt [de], Pine, Pegasus, Emacs 1) Pine. [NF]2) Mutt.3) Gnus.4) Elm. 5) Emacs. News reader 1) Agent [Prop]2) Free Agent3) Xnews4) Outlook5) Netscape / Mozilla6) Opera [Prop]7) Sylpheed / Claws Mail8) Dialog9) Gravity10) BNR2 1) Knode.2) Pan. 3) NewsReader. 4) Netscape / Mozilla Thunderbird.5) Opera [Prop] 6) Sylpheed / Claws Mail. Console:7) Pine. [NF]8) Mutt.9) Gnus.10) tin. 11) slrn. 12) Xemacs. 13) BNR2. Address book Outlook 1) Rubrica Files downloading Flashget, Go!zilla, Reget, Getright, DAP, Wget, WackGet, Mass Downloader, ... 1) Downloader for X.2) Caitoo (former Kget). 3) Prozilla. 4) Wget (console, standard). 5) GUI for Wget: Kmago, Gnome Transfer Manager, QTget, Xget, ...6) Aria. 7) Axel.8) Download Accelerator Plus.9) GetLeft. 10) Lftp. Sites downloading Teleport Pro, Httrack, Wget, ...

1) Httrack.2) WWW Offline Explorer. 3) Wget (console, standard). GUI: Kmago, QTget, Xget, ...4) Downloader for X. 5) Pavuk. 6) XSiteCopy. 7) GetLeft. 8) Curl (console).9) Khttrack.

FTP-clients Bullet Proof FTP, CuteFTP, WSFTP, SmartFTP, FileZilla, ... 1) Gftp.2) Konqueror. 3) KBear.4) IglooFTP. [Prop]5) Nftp.6) Wxftp.7) AxyFTP. 8) mc. (cd ftp://...) 9) tkFTP.10) Yafc. 11) Dpsftp. (dead project) Console FTP-clients FTP in Far, ftp.exe, Ncftp 1) Ncftp.2) Lftp.3) Avfs. (From any program: /#ftp:...) IRC-clients Mirc, Klient, VIRC, Xircon, Pirch, XChat

1) Xchat.2) KVirc. 3) Irssi.4) BitchX.5) Ksirc. 6) Epic.7) Sirc.8) PJIRC.

Local network chat clients without server 1) QuickChat2) Akeni 3) PonyChat4) iChat 1) talk (console), ktalk.2) Akeni.3) Echat.4) write, wall (chat between users of one machine) Local messaging with Windows machines WinPopUp smbclient (console). GUI:1) LinPopUp 2.2) Kpopup.3) Kopete. Instant Messaging clients ICQ Lite, ICQ Corp, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ...Trillian ICQ (freeware, can replace all common IM clients), Miranda, Pidgin 1) Licq (ICQ).2) Centericq (Nearly all IM protocols, console).3) Alicq (ICQ).4) Micq (ICQ).5) GnomeICU (ICQ).6) Pidgin. (Nearly all IM protocols)7) Ayttm. (Nearly all IM protocols)8) Kopete.9) Everybuddy.10) Simple Instant Messenger.11) Imici Messenger. 12) Ickle (ICQ).13) aMSN (MSN).14) Kmerlin (MSN). 15) Kicq (ICQ). 16) YSM. (ICQ, console).17) kxicq. 18) Yahoo Messenger for Unix. 19) Kmess (MSN).20) AIM.21) MSNre. (console) Jabber IM clients JAJC, Tkabber (+activestate tcl), Psi, Exodus, WinJab, myJabber, RhymBox, Rival, Skabber, TipicIM, Vista, Yabber, Miranda, Pidgin., Akeni Messenger Jabber Edition 1) Tkabber.2) Gabber.3) Psi.4) Pidgin.. 5) Centericq (console). 6) Ayttm. 7) Akeni Messenger Jabber Edition. Monitoring sites and mailboxes, displaying news headlines or full articles WatzNew 1) Web Secretary.2) Knewsticker & korn.3) Mozilla (???).4) watch -n seconds lynx -dump Video/audio conference NetMeeting

1) GnomeMeeting (Ekiga Now).2) vat/vic/wb.3) rat/wbd/nte.4) NeVoT.5) IVS.

Voice communication Speak Freely

1) Speak Freely for Unix.2) TeamSpeak.

Firewall (packet filtering) BlackICE, ATGuard, ZoneAlarm, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, WinRoute Pro, Norton Internet Security, Sygate Personal Firewall PRO, Kerio Personal Firewall, ... iptables or more outdated ipchains (console, standard). Front ends:1) Kmyfirewall.2) Easy Firewall Generator.3) Firewall Builder.4) Shorewall. 5) Guarddog.6) FireStarter. 7) Smoothwall. [Prop]8) IPCop.9) Zorp. IDS (Intrusion Detection System) 1) BlackICE2) Agnitum Outpost Firewall3) Tripwire [prop]4) Kerio Personal Firewall 1) Snort.2) Portsentry / Hostsentry / Logsentry.3) Tripwire [GPL].4) Tripwall.5) AIDE.6) ViperDB.7) Integrit. 8) Cerberus Intrusion Detection System. 9) MIDAS NMS. Port scanning detection ??? 1) Pkdump. Making the system more securely ??? 1) Bastille. 2) Linux Security Auditing Tool. Visual route VisualRoute [Prop] 1) Xtraceroute. 2) VisualRoute. [Prop] 3) Mtr. 4) Geotrace. Content (ad / popup) filtering Proxomitron, ATGuard, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, Privoxy, MS ISA server, Guidescope, ... 1) DansGuardian. 2) Squid.3) Squidguard. 4) Privoxy.5) JunkBuster. 6) Zorp. 7) Fork.8) Redirector. Traffic control / shaping WinRoute Pro, ... 1) IP Relay.2) CBQ (from iproute2 package). 3) tc (from iproute2 package). 4) LARTC. Traffic accounting

Netstat, Tmeter, ...

1) Tcp4me.2) Getstatd. 3) Ipacct. 4) Ipac-ng. 5) Ipaudit.6) Lanbilling. 7) SARG (full Squid traffic).8) Talinux.9) NetUP UserTrafManager. 10) MRTG.11) NetTop. Peer-to-peer clients / servers, file sharing (p2p) Morpheus (Gnutella), WinMX, Napster, KaZaA (Fasttrack), eDonkey [Prop], eMule, TheCircle, Bittorrent, SoulSeek, Direct Connect 1) Mldonkey. (eDonkey, Soulseek, Fasttrack, Gnutella, Open Napster, Direct Connect, BitTorrent)2) LimeWire. (Gnutella)3) Lopster. (OpenNAP)4) Gnapster. (OpenNAP)5) eDonkey. (eDonkey) [Prop] 6) cDonkey. (eDonkey)7) Gift client / server / fasttrack plugin (Fasttrack) 8) ed2k_gui.9) Gtk-Gnutella. (Gnutella)10) Qtella. (Gnutella)11) Mutella. (Gnutella, console)12) TheCircle. 13) Freenet. (fully anonymous p2p)14) GNUnet.15) Lmule. (eDonkey)16) Xmule. (eDonkey) 17) Bittorrent. 18) PySoulSeek (Soulseek).19) Loophole. (WinMX) [Prop]20) Direct Connect.21) QuickDC. (Direct Connect). 22) OverNet. 23) Apollon. 24) GrapeWine. (fully anonymous p2p)25) Snark. (Bittorrent)26) Sancho (mldonkey frontend)27) ktorrent 28) azureus "Hotline" p2p protocol clients / servers ??? Clients:1) Gtkhx.2) Fidelio.3) GHX. [Prop]Servers:1) Synapse.2) HSX. Program for working with sound modem with many functions - from answerback and AON to fax device Venta Fax, PrimaFax 1) Gfax. (???)2) PrimaFax. [Prop, 99$]3) mgetty + voice + sendfax. 4) vgetty. Work with faxes WinFax 1) HylaFax.2) Fax2Send. [Prop] 3) Efax.4) VSI-FAX. [Prop] Dialup Vdialer, etc 1) Kppp.2) X-isp.3) wvdial. (Front ends: X-wvdial, kvdial, gtkdial).4) Gppp.5) Kinternet.6) Rp3.7) pppconfig + pon + poff. 8) Modem Lights.9) Netcount. (console) FTN editor Golded 1) Golded.2) Golded+.3) Msged.4) Qded. FTN tosser FastEcho, hpt 1) hpt.2) CrashEcho.3) Qecho. 4) CrashMail II.5) Fidogate - gate to news.6) ifmail - gate to news. FTN mailer SF-Mail, T-Mail 1) ifcico.2) qico.3) Bforce.4) Binkd. Remote management 1) VNC, Virtual Network Computing2) Remote Administrator (Radmin) [Prop]3) Remote Assistance [Prop]4) Symantec pcAnywhere [Prop]5) Windows Terminal Server [Prop]6) Rdesktop [Prop]7) Radmin [Prop]8) PC-Duo [Prop]9) Huey PC Remote Control (only for NT) [Prop]10) Timbuktu Pro [Prop]11) LapLink [Prop]12) GoToMyPC [Prop]13) Bo2k and other trojans

1) VNC, Virtual Network Computing.2) ssh.3) Remote management is built-in in XFree86.4) Remote management is built-in in KDE 3.1. ("desktop sharing"). 5) Rdesktop Client.6) rsh / rlogin. 7) telnet.8) Gtelnet. 9) x0rfbserver. 10) KDE Universal Remote Desktop.

Transmission of the files on modem HyperTerminal, Terminate, etc 1) Minicom + lrzcz + Kermit.2) Msterm.3) Xtel. 4) uucp.5) lrzsz + cu from uucp. Work with ssh Putty, Irlex, cygwin + ssh 1) Kssh.2) ssh / openssh.3) GTelnet. (Telnet, SSH, Rlogin) Network monitoring tool Dumeter, Netmedic 1) Gkrellm.2) Big Brother. 3) Etherape. 4) Nagios. 5) Tkined.6) MRTG.7) Rrdtool.8) PIKT.9) Autostatus.10) bcnu.11) mon.12) Sysmon.13) Spong.14) SNIPS.15) iptraf (console). 16) Ksysguard. 17) OpenNMS. 18) tcpdump. Network maintance tool HP OpenView, MS SMS, Tivoli 1) HP OpenView agents. [Prop]2) Big Brother.3) Cheops.4) Tkined.5) OpenNMS. Protocols analysing, sniffing

Sniffer Pro, EtherPeek (TokenPeek, AiroPeek), Windump, Ethereal, MS Network Monitor, Iris, Lan Explorer, NetSniffer, Snort, ...

1) Ethereal.2) Tcpdump.3) Etherape. 4) Ntop. 5) ipxdump. (+ipxparse for parsing) 6) Snort. Security scanner ShadowScan, ISS, Retina, Internet Scanner 1) Nessus.2) Nmap. Routing MS RRAS 1) iproute2 + iptables. 2) GateD. [Prop]3) GNU Zebra. Utilites and libraries for Ethernet/IP testing lcrzo lcrzo IP-telephony (VoIP) Buddyphone [Prop], Cisco SoftPhone, Skype 1) GNU Bayonne.2) Openh423.3) OpenPhone.4) tkPhone.5) NauPhone.6) Twinkle7) Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting)8) Gizmo [NF?] (win+mac version also)9) Kphone11) Linphone12) Skype [NF] Sharing data/files Windows shares 1) NFS.2) Samba.3) Samba-TNG.4) FTP. ??? Windows Domain, Active Directory 1) Samba. 2) Ldap. 3) yp. Viewing Windows-network Network neighborhood 1) Samba. 2) KDE Lan Browser, lisa3) LinNeighborhood.4) xSMBrowser.5) Komba2. 6) Konqueror. ADSL 1) RASPPPOE 1) rp-pppoe.2) Pptp client. Distributed computing

All projects.1) United Devices.2) Seti @ Home.3) Folding @ Home.4) Genome @ Home.

All projects.1) Seti @ Home.3) Folding @ Home.4) Genome @ Home. 5) D2ol.* Some versions for Linux run only in console mode. IPSEC protocol - FreeSWAN. VRML viewer and editor


1) White Dune. Work with Ebay ??? 1) Bidwatcher. 2) Work with files. File manager in FAR and NC style FAR, Norton Commander, Disco Commander, Volcov Commander, etc 1) Midnight Commander.2) X Northern Captain. 3) Deco (Demos Commander).4) Portos Commander.5) Konqueror in MC style. 6) Gentoo.7) VFU.8) Ytree. File manager in Windows Commander style Total Commander (former Windows Commander) 1) Krusader. 2) Kcommander.3) FileRunner (TCL/TK). 4) Linux Commander.5) LinCommander. 6) Rox, Rox-Filer.7) Emelfm.8) Midnight Commander.9) Worker. File manager in Windows style Windows Explorer / Internet Explorer 1) Konqueror.2) Gnome-Commander. 3) Nautilus.4) Endeavour Mark II. 5) XWC. Visual Shell ??? 1) vshnu: the New Visual Shell. Quick viewing of local HTML documents 1) Internet Explorer2) Microsoft Document Explorer 1) Dillo. (Russian language patches - here).2) Konqueror.3) Nautilus.4) Lynx / Links. Viewing all operations with files Filemon Filemon. Work with UDF Roxio (former Adaptec) UDF Reader, Roxio Direct CD Linux-UDF. Work with multi session CD + recovering information from faulty multi session disks IsoBuster CDFS. Work with compressed files 1) WinZip2) WinRar3) 7-Zip4) WinACE 5) UltimateZip

1) Ark (kdeutils).2) Gnozip.3) KArchiveur.4) Gnochive. 5) FileRoller.6) Unace. 7) LinZip.8) TkZip.

Console archivers arj, rar, zip, tar, gzip, bzip2, lha... 1) tar, gzip, bzip2.2) Unarc.3) Lha. (on Japanese)4) Infozip.5) Arj.6) Avfs. (The support of any archive from any program - Zoo.8) RAR. 9) CAB Extract10) 7-zip . Program for files and directories comparison 1) Beyond Compare.2) Araxis Merge.3) WinMerge 4) Minimalist GNU For Windows (diff.exe)5) Unison6) kdiff3

1) Mgdiff. 2) diff, patch.3) Xemacs. 4) Xdelta. (make patches for binary files) 5) Meld.6) Xxdiff.7) Unison8) kdiff39) kompare .

Batch file renaming Plugins to TotalCommander, ... 1) GPRename. (Perl-based)2) Plugins for MC (???) 3) Desktop / System software. Text editor Notepad, WordPad, TextPad, Vim, Xemacs, ...

1) Kedit (KDE).2) Gedit (Gnome).3) Gnotepad.4) Kate (KDE).5) KWrite (KDE).6) Nedit.7) Vim.8) Xemacs.9) Xcoral. 10) Nvi.11) Ozeditor.

Console text editor 1) Vim2) Emacs3) Editor from FAR, editor from DN, ...

1) Vim.2) Emacs.3) Nano. (It's a free implementation of pico)4) joe.5) Fte.6) Jed.7) CoolEdit.

Multi-purpose text and source code editor SciTE, UltraEdit, MultiEdit, Vim, Xemacs, ...

1) Kate (KDE).2) Nedit. 3) CodeCommander.4) SciTE. 5) Quanta Plus. 6) Vim.7) Xemacs. 8) Mcedit (comes with mc). 9) Jed.10) Setedit. (Turbo Vision looking style)11) HT editor.

Text editor with cyrillic encodings support Bred, Rpad32, Aditor, Vim, Xemacs

1) Kate (KDE).2) Nedit. 3) Fte (console).4) Patched version of Midnight Commander.5) Vim.6) Xemacs.

Viewing PostScript

1) RoPS2) GhostView

1) GhostView.2) Kghostview. 3) GV. 4) GGV. Viewing PDF 1) Adobe Acrobat Distiller2) GhostView 1) Adobe Reader. [Prop] 2) Xpdf.3) GV. 4) GGV. 5) GhostView.6) Kghostview.7) Kpdf Creating PDF 1) Adobe Acrobat Distiller2) GhostView3) Ghostscript4) 1) Any Linux WYSIWYG program -> print to file -> ps2pdf. (Here's an article about this).2) Adobe Acrobat Distiller. [Prop]3) PStill. [Shareware]4) PDFLatex.5) Xfig.6) Ghostscript.7) Tex2Pdf.8) Reportlab.9) GV.10) GGV.11) GhostView.12) Kghostview.13) Panda PDF Generator.14) Crypto PGP, GnuPG + Windows Privacy Tools 1) GnuPG (console) + GPA, KGpg, and other frontends.2) PGP. [Prop] Disc volume encryption EFS (standard), PGP-Disk, BestCrypt, Private Disk Light 1) Loop-aes.2) CFS.3) TCFS.4) BestCrypt.5) CryptFS. Task scheduler mstask, nnCron cron, at (standard, console). GUI: Kcron. Outlook scheduler Outlook scheduler 1) KOrganizer. Virtual CD VirtualDrive, VirtualCD, Daemon Tools, ... 1) Virtual CD Kernel Modul.2) "cp /dev/cdrom mycd.iso" + "mount -o loop mycd.iso /mnt/cdrom/". Text recognition (OCR) Recognita, FineReader 1) ClaraOcr.2) Gocr.3) Kooka.4) OCRopus. Translators (cyrillic) Promt, Socrat Ksocrat (???) Eng-rus dictionaries (cyrillic) 1) ABBYY Lingvo2) Socrat3) JaLingvo4) phpMyLingvo 1) Mueller.2) Ksocrat.3) JaLingvo. 4) phpMyLingvo. 5) dict+Kdict. 6) DictX. 7) Groan.8) Mova.9) Slowo.10) Stardict. Work with scanner Programs on CD with scanner, VueScan 1) Xsane.2) Kooka.3) Xvscan. [Prop] 4) VueScan. [Prop] Antivirus AVG AntiVirus, NAV, Dr. Web, TrendMicro, F-Prot, Kaspersky, ... 1) Dr. Web. [Prop]2) Trend ServerProtect. [Prop]3) RAV Antivirus. [Prop] (Bought by Microsoft?)4) OpenAntivirus + AMaViS / VirusHammer. 5) F-Prot. [Prop]6) Sophie / Trophie. 7) Clam Antivirus.8) Kaspersky. [Prop]9) YAVR. System configuration Control Panel, Msconfig, RegEdit, WinBoost, TweakXP, Customizer XP, X-Setup, PowerToys, Config NT, ...

1) setup (Red Hat).2) chkconfig (Red Hat).3) redhat-config-<feature>. (Red Hat 8.0).4) xf86config, xf86cfg.5) Linuxconf.6) Drakeconf.7) Webmin.8) yast and yast2 (SuSE).9) sysinstall (FreeBSD).10) /dev/hands :).

Boot managers System Commander, PowerQuest Boot Magic, GAG, ... 1) Grub.2) Lilo.3) ASPLoader.4) Acronis OS Selector [Prop].5) Ranish Partition Manager.6) osbs.7) Symon.8) Smart Boot Manager.9) Xosl. 10) GAG. Hard disk partitions manager 1) PowerQuest Partition Magic [Prop]2) Acronis PartitionExpert [Prop]3) Paragon Partition Manager [Prop]4) Partition Commander [Prop]

1) PartGUI. (GUI for partimage and parted)2) GNU Parted. (GUI - QTParted).3) Partition Image.4) fips.5) Diskdrake (Mandrake).6) Paragon Partition Manager [Prop].7) Acronis PartitionExpert [Prop]. (review)

LVM + soft-RAID + parted + ... -


Backup software ntbackup (standard), Legato Networker [Prop] 1) Legato Networker. [Prop] 2) Lonetar. [Prop] 3) Disk Archive. 4) Bacula. 5) Taper. 6) dump / restore. (console, standard)7) Amanda (console). 8) Mondo Rescue. (backups that boot and auto restore themselves to disk) Making images of disk partitions 1) DriveImage2) Ghostpe 1) PartitionImage (GUI - PartGUI).2) dd (console, standard).3) Mondo Rescue. Machine mirroring over network 1) ImageCast2) Norton Ghost

1) UDP Cast.2) Techteam's UDP Cast Disks.3) Ghost for Unix (g4u).

Task manager TaskMan (standard), TaskInfo, ProcessExplorer NT. 1) top (console, standard).2) Gtop, Ktop.3) Ksysguard.4) "ps aux|more", "kill <pid>" Automatic switch between English and Russian when you type Punto Switcher, Keyboard Ninja, Snoop XNeur Mouse gestures Sensiva 1) Kgesture.2) wayV.3) Optimoz. TV program ??? Home Portal. Text to speech MS text to speech 1) KDE Voice Plugins. 2) Festival.3) Emacspeak.4) VoiceText. Speech recognition ViaVoice, DragonNaturally Speaking Yes, there are no usable speech recognition packages. But:1) Sphinx. 2) ViaVoice. (almost dead...) Stream text processing 1) Minimalist GNU For Windows (sed.exe)2) perl 1) sed, awk.2) perl. PIM / DB / hierarchical notebook with tree view TreePad [Prop], Leo, CueCards 1) TreePad Lite. [Prop] 2) Yank.3) TreeLine.4) Gjots. 5) Leo. 6) Hnb - hierarchical notebook. 7) TuxCards. Program for quick switching between resolutions and frequencies Integrated with system, comes on CD with video card

1) Multires.2) Ctrl+Alt+"-", Ctrl+Alt+"+".3) Fbset. (when using framebuffer)

Search and replace text in files 1) Integrated with system2) Indexing service3) HTMLChanger4) Any file manager 1) find (console, standard). 2) slocate (console, standard). GUI:1) Gsearchtool.2) Kfind.3) Any file manager Local search engine with SGBD for indexing

1) Indexing service (???)2) mnoGoSearch. [prop for Windows]

1) mnoGoSearch.2) ASPSeek.

System monitoring System monitor (built-in) 1) top (console, standard).2) Gkrellm.3) Ksysguard.4) Survivor.5) "Hot-babe". (If you can be shocked by nudity, don't use it :).6) htop Program for logs viewing Event Viewer (built-in)

1) Xlogmaster.2) Analog. 3) Fwlogview. (firewall)

Data Recovery Tools R-Studio (supports Linux partitions) 1) e2undel.2) myrescue.3) TestDisk.4) unrm.5) Channel 16. Text files encoder with automatic detection of character set ???

1) Enca.2) Jconv. 3) Xcode. (cyrillic) 4) Asrecod. (cyrillic)

Alarm clock MindIt! 1) KAlarm. Work with Palm Palm Desktop 1) Kpilot.2) Jpilot. Allows to carry on Palm .html files iSilo 1) iSilo.2) Plucker. Low-level optimization(chipset, pci-bus) Powertweak

1) Powertweak-Linux.

Bible On-Line Bible, The SWORD 1) BibleTime (KDE) 2) Gnomesword (Gnome) Convenient mouse scrolling Mouse Imp


Automatic change of desktop background ??? 1) Background Buddy. Convenient switching of the keyboard language ???

1) GSwitchIt.

Windows registry editor RegEdit Kregedit :). 4.1) Multimedia (audio / CD). Useful links: - Linux MIDI & Sound Applications - many links and resources.Sound Software - lots of it. Music / mp3 / ogg players

1) Winamp2) Zinf3) SnackAmp4) Soritong5) Apollo6) K-jofol 20007) Sonique8) C-49) Media Box Audio / Video Workstation 510) Blaze Media Pro11) NEX 312) Real Jukebox13) Windows Media Player

1) XMMS (X multimedia system).2) Noatun.3) Zinf. (former Freeamp)4) Winamp.5) Xamp.6) GQmpeg.7) SnackAmp.8) Mplayer. (Frontend: Kplayer).9) Xine. (Frontends: Sinek, Totem) 10) Amarok Console music / mp3 / ogg players mpg123, dosamp, Mplayer

1) Cplayer.2) mpg123.3) ogg123.4) mpg321.5) Orpheus.6) Mp3blaster.7) Madplay.8) Console utils for xmms.9) Mplayer.

Programs for CD/DVD burning with GUI Nero, Roxio Easy CD Creator, ... 1) K3b. 2) XCDRoast.3) KOnCd.4) Eclipt Roaster.5) Gnome Toaster.6) CD Bake Oven.7) KreateCD.8) SimpleCDR-X. 9) GCombust. 10) WebCDWriter. (CD burn server, usable from any remote browser with Java support)11) CDR Toaster.12) Arson.13) CD-Me (Creation of audio-CD).14) Nero [Prop] CD player CD player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, ... 1) KsCD.2) Gtcd (Gnome) + tcd (console).3) Orpheus. (console)4) Sadp.5) WorkMan. 6) Xmcd.7) Grip. 8) XPlayCD.9) ccd / cccd. (console) 10) cdp. (console)11) BeboCD. Slowing the rotation of CD Slowcd, Cdslow 1) mount -o speed=<speed>2) hdparm -E <speed>3) eject -x <speed>4) cdspeed. CD ripping / grabbing 1) Cdex2) MusicMatch4) Streambox Ripper4) Audiocatalyst5) WinDac6) Audiograbber7) Media Box Audio / Video Workstation8) CD-Copy9) Blaze Media Pro10) Real Jukebox 11) Windows Media Player12) Nero13) VirtualDrive14) VirtualCD 15) Audacity 1) Grip.2) Audacity.3) RipperX.4) tkcOggRipper.5) A Better CD Encoder.6) cdda2wav.7) Gnome Toaster.8) Cdparanoia.9) Cd2mp3.10) Dagrab.11) SimpleCDR-X. 12) RatRip. 13) AutoRip. 14) Sound Juicer. Tracker music player Winamp, Windows Media Player, ... 1) xmms + MikMod-plugin. Comes with xmms.2) xmms + xmp-plugin. Using xmp.3) MikMod. (console)4) xmp. Can play tracker music with Midi devices.5) TiMidity++. Only mod files. Midi player Winamp, Windows Media Player, ... 1) xmms + midi-plugin. (Using TiMidity)2) xmms + awemidi-plugin. (Using drvmidi)3) xmms + playmidi-plugin. (Using playmidi)4) TiMidity++. Supports gus pathes and sf2 banks, backend to another software.4) timidity-eawpatches. Gus-patches for TiMidity++.5) Kmid.6) drvmidi / awemidi.7) pmidi (console, for ALSA).8) playmidi.9) atmidi. Midi + karaoke player VanBasco 1) Kmid.2) Gkaraoke.3) TiMidity++. Mp3 encoders

1) Lame2) Cdex3) MusicMatch5) Streambox Ripper5) Audiocatalyst6) Blaze Media Pro7) Media Box Audio / Video Workstation8) AudioSlimmer9) Real Jukebox

1) Lame.2) Bladeenc.3) NotLame.4) L3enc. [Prop]5) gogo. OGG encoders oggenc oggenc. Work with Real protocol 1) RealPlayer. [Prop] 2) Mplayer + libraries. 1) RealPlayer. [Prop] 2) Mplayer + libraries.3) ReMedial. Radio VC Radio, FMRadio, Digband Radio 1) xradio.2) cRadio.3) Xmradio.4) RDJ.5) RadioActive.6) XMMS-FMRadio.7) Gqradio. 8) Qtradio.9) streamtuner Audio editors SoundForge, Cooledit, Audacity, ... 1) Glame.2) Rezound.3) Sweep.4) WaveForge.5) Sox.6) Audacity.7) GNUSound.8) Ecasound.9) SoundStudio. 10) mhWaveEdit. Multitrack audio processor Cubase 1) Ecasound. 2) Ardour. Sound tracker Fasttracker, ImpulseTracker 1) Soundtracker.2) Insotracker.3) CheeseTracker. Sound mixer sndvol32 1) Opmixer.2) aumix. 3) mix2000.4) KMix.5) Alsamixer.6) GMix.7) wmix (for WindowMaker) 8) Mixer_app (for WindowMaker) 9) Many applets for AfterStep / WindowMaker / FluxBox. Software for music notation Finale, Sibelius, SmartScore 1) LilyPond.2) Noteedit.3) MuX2d. Midi-sequencer Cakewalk 1) RoseGarden.2) Brahms.3) Anthem.4) Melys.5) MuSE. 6) MidiMountain. (KDE)More infrormation: Midi-Howto. Music creation Cakewalk, FruityLoops 1) RoseGarden.2) Ardour. Synthesizer Virtual waves, Csound

1) Csound.2) FluidSynth.3) Arts Builder (???).

ID3-Tag Editors Mp3tag

1) EasyTAG.2) Cantus.3) id3tool (console).4) id3ed (console).5) id3edit (console).

Guitar/Instrument Tuning software 1) In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner2) Digital Guitar Tuner


Record streaming audio into .MP3 files Twins Stream Ripper

Stream Ripper.

4.2) Multimedia (graphics). Graphic files viewer 1) ACDSee2) IrfanView3) Xnview4) CompuPic [Prop] 5) Windows Fax and Image viewer 5) Any web browser

1) Xnview.2) GQview.3) Qiv. 4) CompuPic [Prop] 5) Kuickshow.6) Kview. 7) GTKSee.8) xv. [Prop]9) pornview.10) imgv.11) Gwenview.12) Gliv.13) Showimg.14) Fbi.15) Gthumb. 16) PixiePlus. 17) Electric Eyes (Gnome).18) Eye of Gnome.19) GImageView.20) Hugues Image Viewer. 21) Any web browser.

Viewing the graphic files in console QPEG 1) zgv.2) aalib. Simple graphic editor Paint 1) Kpaint.2) Tuxpaint.3) Xpaint. 4) Gpaint. 5) Killustrator. 6) Graphtool. Powerful graphic editor in PhotoShop style 1) Adobe Photoshop [Prop]2) Gimp3) Paint Shop Pro [Prop]4) Pixel32 [Prop] 5) Corel PhotoPaint [Prop]6) Macromedia Fireworks

1) Gimp.2) ImageMagick.3) Pixel32. [Prop]4) CinePaint.5) RubyMagick.6) Corel PhotoPaint 9. [Prop]

Programs for work with vector graphics Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, AutoSketch, OpenOffice Draw

1) Inkscape2) sK13) Sodipodi.4) xfig.5) Sketch.6) Karbon14 and Kontour.7) OpenOffice Draw.8) Dia.9) Tgif.10) Gestalter.11) ImPress.12) Tkpaint.13) Tgif.14) Corel Draw 9. [Prop]

SVG editor WebDraw [Prop]

1) Inkscape2) sK13) Sodipodi.4) Dia.5) Sketch.

SVG viewer 1) Squiggle 2) X-Smiles3) SVG support in Mozilla

1) Squiggle.2) X-Smiles.3) SVG support in Mozilla.4) SVG support in Konqueror.

Program for text decoration Wordart, OpenOffice Draw OpenOffice Draw. Program for ASCII-drawing ANSI DRAW, Mazaika 1) CanvASCII.2) Jave.3) ANSI Draw. 4) EDASCII. Converting the graphic files in pseudographics ??? aalib. Flash playing Flash Player 1) SWF Macromedia Flash Player.2) Flash Player. [Prop] 3) Plugin for Netscape/Mozilla (download here or here). Flash creation Macromedia Flash

1) DrawSWF.2) Ming. (Creating flash swf output from programming languages)

3D-graphics 3D Studio MAX, Maya [Prop], Povray, ... 1) Blender.2) Maya. [Prop]3) KPovModeler. 4) K3Studio. 5) Moonlight.6) GIG3DGO.7) Povray. 8) MegaPov. 9) K3D.10) Wings 3D. 11) Softimage XSI. [Prop] 12) Kludge3d. The instrument for making the photographic quality scene based of ArchiCAD 3D-models ArtLantis Render ??? Icon editor Microangelo 1) Gnome-iconedit.2) Kiconedit. Small program for making screenshots Integrated with system (PrintScreen), Snag it, ... 1) Ksnapshot.2) Xwpick.3) Xwd, xgrabsc.4) Motv (xawtv)5) Streamer (video) 6) Integrated with window manager (various hotkeys) Drawing structure diagrams of the database Access

1) Dia.2) Toolkit for Conceptual Modelling.

Create printed calendars, greeting cards, etc., with clip art collection Broderbund Print Shop ??? Download pictures from digital camera Polaroid Drivers

1) Camera Tool (gtkam)2) Gphoto2.

4.3) Multimedia (video and other) Video / mpeg4 players

1) BSplayer2) Zoomplayer3) Windows Media Player4) VideoLAN5) Winamp36) Mplayer7) RealPlayer8) Xing9) Simplayer

1) Mplayer. (Frontend: Kplayer).(LiveCD distribution of Mplayer - MoviX). 2) Xine. (Frontends: Sinek, Totem) 3) VideoLAN. 4) Aviplay. 5) Winamp3.6) Noatun.7) KDE Media Player.8) XMovie.9) Kaboodle.10) MpegTV.11) Avifile. 12) Xmps. 13) Ogg Tarkin. (???)14) Theora. (???)

Console video / mpeg4 players QuickView

1) Mplayer.2) QuickView.

DVD players PowerDVD, WinDVD, MicroDVD, Windows Media Player, VideoLAN 1) Ogle.2) Mplayer. 3) Xine.4) Aviplay. 5) VideoLAN. 6) OMS. DVD rippers / encoders Gordian Knot, Mencoder (from Mplayer)

1) Drip.2) Transcode.3) Mencoder. (from Mplayer)4) Ffmpeg. 5) DVD::Rip.

Simple video creation and editing Windows Movie Maker 1) iMira Editing. [Prop]2) MainActor. [Prop]3) Broadcast 2000.4) Avidemux. Professional video production enviroment Adobe Premiere, Media Studio Pro 1) iMira Editing.2) Cinelerra.3) MainActor.4) Broadcast 2000.5) Lives. 6) CinePaint.7) Heroine Virtual. Cutting video Virtual Dub 1) Avidemux.2) Kino. Converting video Virtual Dub, Mencoder (from Mplayer)

1) Transcode.2) Mencoder. (from Mplayer)3) Ffmpeg.

Work with TV-tuner / watch TV AVerTV, PowerVCR 3.0, CinePlayer DVR, Mplayer, ... 1) Tvtime.2) Kwintv.3) Xawtv.4) Zapping.5) GnomeTV.6) Mplayer. 7) Xawdecode. Work with TV-tuner in console - 1) Mplayer.2) fbtv.3) aatv. Work with QuickTime format QuickTime Player 1) QuickTime.2) Mplayer + Sorenson codec.3) OpenQuicktime.4) Xanim. Creation of 2D and 3D effects Adobe After Effects

1) Shake. [Proprietary, $129.95]2) Plugins for Gimp.

Animation Animation Shop, ...

1) CinePaint.2) Plugins for Gimp.

Landscape / terrain generation Bryce Terraform. World construction World Construction Set, AnimatekWorld Builder ??? Framework for developing video applications ???

1) Gstreamer.2) Live.

5) Office/business. Office suite MS Office, StarOffice / OpenOffice, 602Software

1) OpenOffice.2) StarOffice. [Prop]3) Koffice.4) HancomOffice. [Prop]5) Gnome Office.6) Applixware Office. [Prop]7) Siag Office.8) TeX, LaTeX, ...

Office suite WordPerfect Office 2000 WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux. (No longer available at Corel website. It was Windows version, running under Wine :). Word processor Word, StarOffice / OpenOffice Writer, 602Text, Abiword 1) Abiword.2) TextMaker [Prop] 3) WordPerfect.4) Ted.5) StarOffice / OpenOffice Writer. 6) Kword.7) LyX. 8) Kile (KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment). Spreadsheets Excel, StarOffice / OpenOffice Calc, 602Tab

1) Gnumeric.2) Abacus.3) StarOffice / OpenOffice Calc. 4) Kspread.

Graphing / charting data Excel, MicroCall Origin, ...

1) Kivio.2) Dia.3) KChart.4) xfig. 5) Gnuplot.6) GtkGraph.7) GNU Plotutils.8) Ploticus.

Creating presentations MS PowerPoint, StarOffice Presentation, OpenOffice Impress

1) StarOffice Presentation.2) OpenOffice Impress.3) Kpresenter.4) MagicPoint. 5) Kuickshow & gimp :).

Local database MS Access, InterBase6, OpenOffice + MySQL.

1) KNoda.2) Gnome DB Manager.3) OpenOffice + MySQL.4) InterBase7. [Prop]5) InterBase6. 6) Berkley DB.7) Rekall. [Prop]8) StarOffice Adabase.

Receiving the quotings, news, building graphs and analysing of the financial market. Omega Research Trade Station 2000 1) The Market Analysis System (MAS) Software for e-commerce and web business 1) Weblogic [Prop]2) IBM WebSphere Application Server [Prop]3) iPlanet4) osCommerce5) JOnAS6) COCOON 1) Weblogic. [Prop]2) JBoss.3) IBM WebSphere Application Server. [Prop]4) osCommerce. 5) JOnAS. 6) COCOON. Personal finances manager 1) MS Money2) Quicken3) Moneydance [Prop]

1) GNUcash.2) GnoFin.3) Kmymoney.4) Grisbi. 5) Moneydance. [Prop]

Project management MS Project, Project Expert 7

1) Mr Project.2) Outreach.

Financial accounting package (global) ??? 1) Hansa Business Solutions. [Prop]2) Quickbooks. Financial accounting package (russian) "1C: Accounting" 1) Hansa Business Solutions. [Prop]2) IceB.3) "Finances without problems".4) Ananas. 5) E/AS. 6) 1L: Project. Financial accounting package (India & Asia) ??? Kalculate. [Prop] Automation of the enterprise (russian) "1C: Enterprise" 1) Keeper. [Prop]2) Oblik. [Prop]3) IceB. 4) Compiere. ERP/CRM (english) ??? 1) Compiere. 2) Dolibarr. 3) Tutos. ERP/CRM (russian) "BOSS-Corporation" 1) NauRP.2) Compiere.3) Dolibarr. Corporate docflow system (russian). 1) "Boss-Referent"2) Documentum3) "Delo"4) Lanit:LanDoc 1) NauDoc.2) Documentum.3) "Boss-Referent" (without the client part) 6) Games. Where to get Anywhere you want :). The Linux Game Tome ( | | Kde Games | Linux Game Publishing The Linux Game List - Games for Windows, that can be run under WineX - This is a search form, and this is a full list of games (very big). - Tetris 1) LTris.2) XWelltris.3) Emacs + "Meta-X tetris".4) Ksirtet. - Standard Windows games

1) Kdegames.2) Gnome-games.

- Mines 1) KMines.2) Perlmines.3) Dmines. - Civilization FreeCiv. - Civilization: Call to Power Civilization: Call to Power. - Sid Meyer Alpha Centauri Sid Meyer Alpha Centauri. - Sim City 3000 Sim City 3000. - Command&Conquer FreeCNC. - Warcraft 2, Starcraft (?) FreeCraft. - (Win)Digger 1) Digger.2) XDigger. - Arkanoid, Zball, ... Lbreakout2. Quake 1, 2, 3 1) Quake 1, 2, 3.2) QuakeForge. 3) DarkPlaces. 1) Quake 1, 2, 3.2) QuakeForge. 3) DarkPlaces. - CounterStrike CounterStrike under WineX. - Urban Terror Urban Terror. DOOM 1) jDoom / Doomsday.2) Zdoom.3) DOOM Legacy.4) LxDOOM.5) PrBoom.6) EDGE.7) Vavoom.8) Original Doom. 1) jDoom / Doomsday.2) Zdoom.3) DOOM Legacy.4) LxDOOM.5) PrBoom.6) EDGE.7) Vavoom.8) Original Linux Doom (X11/svgalib). Heretic 1) DOOM Legacy.2) jHeretic / Doomsday.3) Vavoom.4) Original Heretic. 1) DOOM Legacy.2) Vavoom.3) Heretic, GL Heretic. Hexen 1) jHexen / Doomsday.2) Vavoom.3) Original Hexen. 1) Hexen/SDL.2) Vavoom. - Heretic 2 Heretic 2. - Return to Castle Wolfenstein Return to Castle Wolfenstein. [Prop] - Descent Descent. - Never Winter Nights Never Winter Nights. - Unreal Tournament / Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament / Unreal Tournament 2003. - Soldier Of Fortune Soldier Of Fortune. - Tribes 2 Tribes 2. - Blood 1 Qblood. - Worms Nil. - Lines

1) GtkBalls.2) gLines.

- MS Flight Simulator FlightGear. - Lemmings Pingus. Racing Need For Speed 1) Tux Racer :).2) KartlingRace. Chess ChessMaster, ... 1) Glchess.2) Xboard.3) Eboard. 7) Programming and development. IDE 1) Microsoft VisualStudio .net2) Emacs, XEmacs3) Vim + ctags + scripts from vim.sf.net4) Boa Constructor5) PythonCard

1) CodeForge.2) Kdevelop + Qt3 Designer.3) Eclipse. 4) Glade + Motor or + Xwpe or + any text editor.5) Emacs, XEmacs.6) Vim + ctags + scripts from Boa Constructor.8) PythonCard.

Visual C++ IDE Borland C++ Builder, MS Visual C 1) Anjuta + Glade + Devhelp.2) KDE Studio Gold. [Prop]3) Dev-C++.4) Kylix. [Prop] (Kylix Personal Edition is free). 5) vtkBuilder.6) foxBuilder.7) wxDesigner.8) Arriba. [Prop]9) Code Crusader. [Prop]10) CodeWarrior. [Prop]11) Gbuilder.12) Source Navigator. 13) TimeStorm. [Prop]14) Understand for C++. [Prop]15) SlickEdit. [Prop]16) Vide. C++ IDE Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS, , Minimalist GNU For Windows (mingw32-gcc.exe)

1) GCC (+ Motor or + Xwpe).2) LinEdit. 3) Rhide. 4) Wxstudio. 5) Eclipse.

Object Pascal IDE Delphi 1) Kylix. [Prop] (Kylix Personal Edition is free).2) Lazarus + FPC. Pascal Pascal, BP 1) Freepascal.2) GNU Pascal (gpc).3) RShell (in style of Borland Pascal 7.0) Basic Basic 1) Hbasic.2) X-basic.3) Yabasic. 4) SmallBASIC. Prolog VisualProlog, Mercury, SICStus Prolog [Prop] 1) GNU Prolog.2) Mercury. 3) SWI-Prolog. 4) SICStus Prolog. [Prop]5) CIAO Prolog. Assembler TASM, MASM, NASM 1) NASM. (Intel syntax)2) FLAT Assembler.3) gas. (AT&T syntax, part of binutils). Disassembler, Reverse engineering SoftIce The source code is open :)1) ldasm. Debugger

1) WinDbg2) Minimalist GNU For Windows (gdb.exe)

gdb. Frontends:1) ddd.2) xxgdb, mxgdb.3) CGDB. 4) Vim scripts.5) [X]Emacs C-mode.6) KMD.7) NANA. (Library) WYSIWYG html editor 1) Macromedia Dreamweaver2) MS Frontpage3) Netscape / Mozilla Composer4) Openoffice HTML editor 1) Netscape / Mozilla Composer.2) Openoffice HTML editor.3) Amaya.4) GINF (Ginf is not Frontpage) 5) IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder. [Prop]6) JXHTMLEDIT (Java). Powerful editor for site creating, contains set of samples and can be complemented with every sort and kind of plug-ins Dreamweaver Ultradev ??? HTML / DHTML editor HomeSite, Coffeecup 1) Quanta Plus.2) Bluefish.3) WebMaker.4) Screem.5) Toppage.6) WebDesigner.7) ScriptEditor.8) August. 9) Coffeecup / Linux.10) FCKeditor. HTML / DHTML editor Arachnofilia Arachnofilia. [Prop] XML Editor XML Spy [Prop] 1) XMLMind XML Editor.2) Vim.3) Emacs. Perl/Python/Tcl IDE ???

1) Komodo. [Prop]2) Perl Dev Kit.

Java IDE JBuilder, IDEA Link: Java Tools for Linux.1) Jbuilder.2) NetBeans.3) Eclipse.4) Sun ONE Studio. [formerly Forte]5) Vide. J2EE based application server ??? 1) JBoss. IDE for Oracle Database development T.O.A.D., SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer Tora. CASE-facility for UML ArgoUML, Together ControlCenter [Prop] 1) Umbrello UML Modeller.2) Dia+Dia2Code.3) PoceidonCE (community edition).4) ArgoUML.5) Together ControlCenter [Prop] Top-level CASE system Rational Rose. Rational Rose. [Prop] HEX-editor Hiew 1) Biew.2) KHexEdit. 3) hexedit (console).4) GHex. Clipper compiler and preprocessor CA-Clipper, The Harbour Project 1) Clip.2) The Harbour Project.3) xHarbour. Platform in dot-net style M$ .Net 1) Mono.2) DotGNU/Portable.NET Work with CVS WinCVS, TortoiseCVS, cvs for Windows, BitKeeper [Prop] 1) cvs (console).2) Cervisia (KDE).3) Lincvs. (Front-end for CVS) 4) BitKeeper. [Prop] 5) SubVersion. (enhanced CVS-like platform + WebDAV -> SCM) IDE for Interbase/Firebird development IBExpert 1) IBAccess2) IBAdmin [prop]3) IBWebAdmin (apache / php) Visual Basic Visual Basic

1) Phoenix.2) KBasic.3) HBasic. 4) Mono.

Graphical libraries 1) WinAPI, MFC, VCL (C, C++)2) Tk (Tcl, C)3) Tkinter (over Tk for Python, Perl, etc)4) wxWindows (C++) (over winapi)5) wxPython (Python) (over wxWindows)6) GTK+ (link #2) (C, C++) 7) Qt (C++)8) FLTK (C++) 9) AWT, Swing (Java)10) Xaw - part of X-server (C)

If toolkit is oriented on C, usually it's possible to use it from the other languages. There is object bindings for some of them to use them with C++ and other OO-languages. Toolkits, oriented on C++ from the beginning, are impossible to use from C, and quite often - from the other languages.

1) X11/Xext (C) - low level libraries, used by others.2) Xt - X Toolkit (C) - reference X11 toolkit3) Xaw - MIT Athena (C) - reference X11 toolkit4) Xaw3d - MIT Athena 3D (C) - Athena with 3D-view5) LessTif - opensource analog of Motif 1 (C)6) OpenMotif (C)7) Tk (Tcl, C)8) Tkinter (over Tk for Python, Perl, etc)9) wxWindows (C++) (over GTK+ - wxGtk or Motif - wxMotif)10) wxPython (Python) (over wxWindows)11) Qt (C++)12) GTK+ (C, C++) 13) PyQt (over Qt for Python) 14) PyGTK (over GTK+ for Python)15) Gtk::Perl (over GTK+ for Perl)16) Qt for Perl (over Qt for Perl)17) GtkAda (over GTK+ for Ada95)18) FLTK (C++)19) XView (C)20) FOX (C++)21) AWT, Swing (Java)22) WinAPI and MFC through wine (C)

Source code documentation system ??? 1) Doxygen.2) CWEB. Memory leak tracing 1) Numega Bounds Checker2) Rational Purify 1) MallocDebug.2) Valgrind.3) Kcachegrind. 4) ElectricFence.5) dmalloc.6) ccmalloc.7) LeakTracer.8) memprof.9) BoundsChecker. [prop]10) mprof.11) Insure. [prop]12) dbx. (for Sparc)13) YAMD.14) Njamd.15) Mpatrol. Application development profiling (tests code performance) ??? 1) gProf.2) JUnit. (Java) Software projecting 1) Rational Rose2) Enterprise Architec3) Visio ??? Game programming 1) DirectX2) libSDL3) ClanLib 1) libSDL2) ClanLib Everything needed for work with XML Schemas, DTD, XSL/XSLT, SOAP, WSDL (edit, debug, check, etc) 1) Altova XMLSpy Suite ??? Source code -> HTML-document with highlighted syntax ??? 1) Webcpp. Bug Tracking System ??? 1) Bugzilla. Object Request Broker (ORB) 1) ORBIT 1) ORBIT. Portability ??? 1) Autoconf, Automake & Libtool. Source code indexer and cross-referencer ??? 1) GNU GLOBAL.2) LXR. Dynamic tracer of system calls ??? 1) Syscalltrack. XML C parser 1) libxml (???) 1) Libxml2. FoxPro Visual FoxPro qwerty 8) Server software. Web-server 1) Apache2) IIS3) Roxen4) wn5) cern-httpd6) dhttpd7) caudium8) aolserver9) Boa 1) Apache.2) Xitami.3) Thttp.4) TUX (Red Hat Content Accelerator).5) PublicFile.6) Boa.7) Caudium.8) Roxen.9) Zeus. [Prop] 10) Thy. FTP-server Internet Information Server, ServU, War FTP, BulletProof FTP server, FileZilla server, ... 1) pure-ftpd.2) vsftpd.3) wu-ftpd. 4) proftpd.5) gl-ftpd.6) ftp.7) PublicFile. 8) Teepeedee. Language for Web-development PHP PHP. Language for Web-development Perl Perl. Language for Web-development ASP ASP module for Apache. Database engine MS SQL, MySQL 1) Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. [Prop]2) PostgreSQL. The most advanced open source database.3) MySQL. The most popular open source database.4) mSQL.5) SAP DB. Database engine IBM DB2 IBM DB2. [Prop] Database engine Oracle 1) Oracle. [Prop]2) PostgreSQL. 3) Linter. (cyrillic) Database engine Informix [Prop] Informix. [Prop] Database engine Borland Interbase, FireBird FireBird. Email server MDaemon, Hamster

1) Sendmail.2) Qmail.3) Postfix.4) Exim.

Email / PIM / Groupware server Microsoft Exchange 1) CommuniGate Pro. [Prop]2) Bynari's Insight GroupWare Suite. [Prop]3) Samsung Contact. [Prop]4) Teamware Office. [Prop]5) Novell Netmail. [Prop]6) Amphora. (Zope / Qmail).7) Tutos. (Apache / PHP / Mysql / Sendmail).8) Kroupware. The project from the KDE PIM developers, which is being financed by the government of Germany.9) SuSe Linux Openexchange Server. [Prop]10) PHPGroupware.11) SCOoffice Mail Server. [Prop] (SCO - m.d. :).12) LinuXchangE.13) Groupware Project. (New!) 14) Tiki CMS/Groupware. (Apache / PHP / Mysql). Mail filter / spam killer cygwin+Exim port 1) SpamAssassin.2) Procmail.3) Mailfilter.4) �yrus-imap. 5) Exim.6) POPFile. Mail downloader MDaemon Fetchmail. ??? Lotus Domino Lotus Domino. [Prop] Server / router on one diskette. Impossible As much as you want :).1) muLinux. 2) Dachstein (firewall / dhcp).3) Serverdisk (http / ftp).4) Fli4l. Proxy server MS Proxy Server, WinGate 1) Squid.2) Paco.3) Privoxy.4) Wwwoffle. 5) OOPS. Server for supporting Java Servlets and JSP, can work with Apache Tomcat Tomcat. Advanced server statistics 1) AWStats 1) AWStats. (All web-, ftp-, proxy-, mail-, wap- and streaming-servers).2) ANALOG. (Web-server). Cluster of servers ??? 1) LVS - The Linux Virtual Server. Cluster filesystems 1) GFS2) ADIC 1) GFS.2) OpenGFS.3) Lustre. (not SAN compatible?)4) Matrix Server. [Prop]5) CXFS.6) GPFS.7) Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS). 8) Coda.9) Intermezzo. 10) Convolo cluster. 11) ADIC. Web Mail ??? 1) IMP.2) CAMAS. (for Caudium web-server). 9) Scientific and special programs. Useful links: - Scientific Applications on Linux - many links to both OSS and proprietary applications. Math system in MathCad style Mathcad Gap. Math system in Matlab style Matlab 1) Matlab. [FTP]2) Octave. (+ Gnuplot)3) Scilab.4) R.5) Yorick.6) rlab.7) Yacas.8) Euler. Math system in Mathematica style Mathematica 1) Mathematica. [Prop]2) Maxima.3) MuPad.4) NumExp. 5) Mathomatic. Math system in Maple style Maple 1) Maple. [Prop]2) Maxima.3) MuPad. Equation / math editor Mathtype, MS Equation Editor, OpenOffice Math 1) OpenOffice Math.2) MathMLed. 3) Kformula (Koffice). 4) LyX.5) Texmacs. Programs for three-dimensional modeling SolidWorks, ... ProEngineer Linux. [Prop] Programs for three-dimensional modeling CATIA CATIA. It was designed under Unix, and from version 4 (2000) it was ported under Windows (not too successfully). Programs for three-dimensional modeling SolidEdge SolidEdge (part of more powerful package Unigraphics). Engineering ANSYS ANSYS. CAD/CAM/CAE AutoCAD, Microstation, ArchiCAD 1) Varkon.2) Linuxcad. [Prop, ~100$]3) Varicad. [Prop]4) Cycas. [Prop]5) Tomcad.6) Thancad.7) Fandango (alpha-version).8) Lignumcad.9) Giram.10) Jcad. 11) QSCad.12) FreeEngineer.13) Ocadis.14) PythonCAD. 15) OpenCascade. CAD/CAM/CAE, simplified AutoCAD Lite Qcad. Desktop Publishing Systems Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress Adobe Framemaker. [Proprietary, cancelled] Small desktop publishing systems MS Publisher 1) Scribus - Desktop Publishing for Linux.2) KWord. Diagram and chart designer Microsoft Visio 1) Kivio (Koffice).2) Dia.3) KChart.4) xfig. 5) Tgif + dotty.6) Tulip.7) Poseidon for UML. [Prop & free versions]8) JGraph + JGraphPad. (Java) Geographic image processing software Erdas Imagine, ER Mapper, ENVI ENVI. GIS (Geographical information system) ArcView All projects: FreeGIS Project.1) Grass.2) Quantum GIS. 3) PostGIS. 4) FreeGIS. 5) MapQuest.6) MapBlast. Interactive Geographic Data Viewer 1) Thuban. 1) Thuban. Vectorization of bitmaps MapEdit, Easy Trace 1) Autotrace. Software CNC, controlling machine tools OpenCNC [Prop]


Advanced text processing system in TeX style MikTex, emTeX (DOS) 1) TeX.2) TeTeX / LaTeX 3) LyX (WYSIWYM).4) Kile. Convenient, functional and user-friendly TeX-files / dvi-files editor. WinEdt 1) Kile (KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment).2) Ktexmaker2.3) Tk LaTeX Editor. Statistical Computing Language and Environment S-PLUS R. Statistical analysis SPSS, Statistica, SalStat

Many links - here.1) PSPP.2) OpenStat2.3) "Probability and Statistics Utilities for Linux users"4) SalStat.

Econometrics Software Eviews, Gretl

1) Gretl.

Emulation of the circuit 1) Electronic Workbench3) Altera MaxPlus+ 1) Geda.2) Oregano.3) Xcircuit. 4) Gnome Assisted Electronics.5) SPICE. 6) SPICE OPUS. 7) NG-SPICE. Program to draw chemical structures Chemdraw, Isisdraw Xdrawchem. Downloader and player for Olympus dictophone Olympus DSS Player ??? Market analysis MetaStock ??? Electronics scheme design 1) PCAD2) OrCad3) Visio 1) Eagle.2) Geda. The oscilloscope emulation Winoscillo Xoscope. Measurement of the temperature and voltages on motherboard MBMonitor, PCAlert, Speedfan

1) KSensors.2) KHealthCare (KDE).3) Gkrellm + plugins + blackbox addons.

S.M.A.R.T-attributes and temperature of the hard disk Come on CD with mainboard, Active SMART 1) smartctl.2) Hddtemp-0.3.3) IDEload-0.2.4) Smartsuite-2.1.5) Smartmontools.6) Ide-smart.7) Smartsuite. Memory testing SiSoft SANDRA Memtest86. Program for watching temperatures, fanspeeds, etc SiSoft SANDRA, SiSoft SAMANTHA 1) Ksensors.2) Lm_sensors.3) xsensors. 4) wmsensormon and other applets for AfterStep / WindowMaker / FluxBox. HDD testing / benchmarking SiSoft SANDRA, SiSoft SAMANTHA, IOzone

1) hdparm.2) Bonnie++.3) IOzone.4) Dbench.5) Bonnie.6) IO Bench. 7) Nhfsstone.8) SPEC SFS. [Prop]

Video testing / benchmarking Final Reality 1) X11perf.2) Viewperf. Realtime Control SHA Sybera Hardware Access DIAPM RTAI - Realtime Application Interface. Simulator of nets ??? 1) NS. Neural network simulation ??? 1) Xnbc.2) Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS). "Sensor for LCD" ??? 1) Sensors-lcd. Electrocardiogrammas viewer ??? 1) ecg2png. A software technology, that turns x86 computer into a full-function PLC-like process controller SoftPLC 1) MatPLC. Catalog of the software for translators


Linux for translators. Translation memory

1) Trados Translators Workbench3) Deja Vu3) Star Transit4) SDLX5) OmegaT

1) OmegaT. Catalog of educational software


1) SchoolForge.2) Seul / EDU. Designing and viewing DTDs

NearFar Designer [Prop]

??? Finity Element Analysis



1) FELT (Finity Element Analysis) 10) Emulators. Virtual machine emulator 1) VMWare [Prop]2) Connectix Virtual PC [Prop] 1) VMWare. [Prop]2) Win4Lin. [Prop, $89].3) Bochs. 4) Plex86.5) User Mode Linux.6) QEMU7) VirtualBox Linux emulator

1) CygWin.2) MKS Toolkit.3) Bash for Windows.3) Minimalist GNU For Windows.

1) User Mode Linux. X Window System (XFree) emulator XFree under CygWin. - Windows emulator - 1) Wine. (GUI: gwine, tkwine)2) Transgaming WineX. (GUI: tqgui) [NF]3) Crossover Office. DOS emulator - 1) DOSBox.2) Dosemu. Sony PlayStation emulator ePSXe, ...

1) ePSXe.2) Pcsx.

ZX Spectrum emulator X128, Speccyal, SpecX, SpecEmu, UnrealSpeccy, ... 1) Xzx.2) Glukalka.3) Fuse. 4) ZXSP-X.5) FBZX.6) SpectEmu. Arcade machines emulator ??? 1) MAME.2) Xmame / Xmess.3) Advancemame.Frontends:advancemenu. ckmame. flynn. gmame. gnomame. grok. grustibus. gxmame. it. it's quit. fancy. kmamerun. kmamu. qmamecat. startxmame. setcleaner. tkmame. ST emulator 1) Steem. 1) StonX.2) Steem. C64 emulator ??? 1) Vice.2) Frodo. Amiga emulator ??? 1) UAE.2) WinUAE. Mac 68k emulator ??? 1) Basilisk II. Game boy emulator 1) Visual Boy Advance 1) Visual Boy Advance.2) VGBA. (GUI: vgb-gui) Atari 2600 Video Computer System emulator

1) Stella

1) Stella.2) Saint. NES / SNES emulator 1) Zsnes.2) Snes9x. 1) Zsnes.2) Snes9x. 3) FWNes.4) GTuxNes. M680x0 Arcade emulator 1) Rainemu. 1) Rainemu. Multi / other emulators ??? 1) M.E.S.S.2) Zinc. 11) Other / Humour :) Space simulator 1) Openuniverse.2) Celestia.3) Zetadeck. 1) Openuniverse.2) Celestia.3) Kstars. 4) Zetadeck. TV driver - RivaTV. System, running from CD/DVD without installing (Live CD) 1) Windows PE.2) PE Builder. 1) Knoppix.2) Cool Linux.3) Blin.4) DemoLinux.5) DyneBolic.6) Gentoo (live CD).7) Lonix. 8) Virtual Linux. 9) Bootable Business Card (LNX-BBC). 10) ByzantineOS.11) FreeLoader Linux.12) MoviX.13) Freeduc CD.14) SuSE live-eval CD.15) Freedom Linux.16) Eagle Linux.17) Kurumin (Brazilian Portuguese only)18) Ubuntu Live19) ALT Linux Live Boot rescue/tools diskette Windows system diskette 1) Linux system diskette.2) Tomsrtbt. 3) BanShee Linux.4) RIP. Creation of LiveCD for system recovery ??? 1) Make CD-ROM Recovery. File systems FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ... Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, ... Local file systems mount ext2fs (driver), explore2fs (program) - ext2/3 under Windows Linux-NTFS. (driver for NTFS partitions mounting) Installing software and uninstalling InstallShield, WISE, GhostInstaller, Microsoft Installer - the analog of rpm

1) Rpm.2) Urpmi.3) GnoRpm.4) Nautilus RPM. 5) Apt-get & frontends (synaptic, aptitude, ...).6) Apt-rpm. (for RedHat, SuSE, ALT Linux, etc) 7) yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified)8) yum enhanced by ASPLinux.9) Gentoo Portage

Installing software from source and uninstalling Minimalist GNU For Windows 1) make install, make uninstall2) CheckInstall.3) Sinstall.4) Emerge (Gentoo).5) Apt-get & frontends (synaptic, aptitude, ...). System update Windows Update 1) Ximian Red Carpet.2) Red Hat Network.3) MandrakeOnline.4) SuSE YaST Online Update.5) Caldera Volution Online.6) Apt.7) Gentoo ebuilds (portage). 8) Debian GNU/Linux package search.9) Yum. Certification MCSD, MCT, MCSE 1) Red Hat Certification.2) Sair Linux and GNU Certification.3) Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC).4) Linux+.5) Prometric. 6) VUE. Icons on desktop Explorer 1) Desktop File Manager.2) Idesk. Work with screensavers Desktop properties 1) xset.2) xlockmore. 3) xscreensaver. 4) kscreensaver. Place for keeping "removed" files Trash 1) Trash Can.2) Libtrash. Checking the hard disk Scandisk fsck -check or reiserfsck -check.Not needed with journaled file systems (reiserfs, ext3, jfs, xfs). Defragmentation defrag Not needed. GUI of the system Windows Explorer Kde, Gnome, IceWM, Windowmaker, Blackbox, Fluxbox, ... Windows XP GUI Windows XP XPde. Multiple workspaces - Yes!!! :). Fast users / desktop switching Windows XP feature for non- networked computers 1) Ctrl+Alt+F1, login as new user at command-line interface, start GUI by entering command startx - - :1. Switch between screens using Ctrl+Alt+F7 or F8 depending on user.2) Command "gdmflexiserver -n". 3) Built-in in KDE 3.1. Flavors of the system 9x, NT, XP RedHat, Mandrake, Knoppix, Debian, SuSE, ALT, ASP, Gentoo, Slackware, Linux From Scratch, ... Tactics FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) Open Source! "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Source code of the kernel freely available No Of course :) Command line and scripting 1) :).2) cmd.exe3) Windows Scripting Host4) 4DOS / 4NT5) Minimalist GNU For Windows6) Unix tools for Windows (AT&T)7) KiXtart 8) ScriptLogic [Prop] 1) Bash.2) Csh.3) Zsh.4) Ash.5) Tcsh. Free of charge operating system Microsoft Windows. (Imagine yourself that in Russia there are 95% of users having a pirate copy of Windows :). Linux - the Free operating system!! - Nimda Slapper. - Wincih, klez, etc No analogs Backdoors and hidden keys Decide it yourself :). - Easter eggs, undocumented possibilities Logo with Windows developers, Doom in Excel 95, 3D-racing in Excel 2000, etc, etc... - The magazines Windows Magazine 1) Linux Journal.2) Linux Gazette.3) Linux magazine.4) Linux pratico (Italy).5) Australian Linux.6) Linux Format - Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) 1) Kernel panic.2) Screensaver "bsod" :). Whom it is necessary to curse for bugs and defects of the system M$, Bill Gates personally 1) Developers of the distribution.2) All the Linux people and Linus Torvalds personally :).3) Yourself and your own /dev/hands :)). - M$.com, - - Bill Gates, "Road ahead" Linus Torvalds, "Just for fun" :). - Bill Gates, "Business @ the speed of thought" Richard M. Stallman, "The right to read".The book: "Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman"

Fiodor Sorex - The coordination and support of the project since Jan-2005 till now (2011), updating the table, html, coding, webmaster, design.

Valery V. Kachurov - The coordination and support of the project till Jul-2003, updating the table, html.Nesov Artem - The idea of the table and the first version + some corrections and additions.Visitors of this page - A huge amount of letters with additions, corrections and just good wishes :). Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!!! (Full list with rating - under construction).

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Linux software list -

applicationAbiWord for Linux(12)   -   The AbiSource CommunityA Linux version of the Abiword word processorADM (1)   -   ASUSTOROperating system that comes pre-installed with all ASUSTOR NAS devicesAdobe Flash Player for Linux(21)   -   Adobe Systems IncorporatedA linux version of Flash playerAften (1)   -   SourceForge.netAn audio encoding programAkregator (1)   -   KDE e.VAn RSS/Atom readerAlchemy - Open Source AI (1)   -   The Alchemy TeamA software for statistical relational learningalien (5)   -   Joey HessA linux packages conversion programAndrew User Interface System (1)   -   Andrew ConsortiumA graphical user interface systemAnjuta DevStudio (1)   -   The Anjuta ProjectAn IDE for LinuxArista Transcoder (5)   -   Daniel G. TaylorA multimedia transcoder for LinuxASP.NET Visual Designer (1)   -   monoA Visual design surface for ASP.NETAsterisk (2)   -   Digium, Inc.Open source framework for building communications applicationsASTi Model Builder (2)   -   ASTiSound model development toolAtom for Linux(388)A text and source code editing software for LinuxAudacious(2)One of the many audio players on marketAudacity for Linux(29)   -   AudacityMulti-track audio editor for LinuxAviDemux for Linux(14)   -   MeanA Linux version of popular video editor and video converterBash(8)   -   GNU ProjectA shell, or command language interpreter in the GNU OSBink Video command line Player for x86 GNU/Linux (1)   -   RAD Game Tools, Inc.A command line Bink media player for LinuxBitTornado for Linux(1)   -   John HoffmanA torrent downloader for LinuxBlender for Linux(28)   -   Stichting Blender FoundationEasy-to-use 3D modeling utilityBmaptool (1)   -   Tizen ProjectA generic tool for creating the block map (bmap)Brasero(4)   -   The GNOME ProjectA CD/DVD burning application for GnomeBSL (1)   -   J.Bordas and G.MantA 2D data manipulation packagebzip2 (6)   -   Julian SewardA free data compressor for LinuxCADP (1)A protocols and systems design toolsCalibre for Linux(37)   -   Kovid GoyalLinux version of the popular ebook managerCalligra Suite (4)   -   KDE e.VAn office suite for KDE desktopCart3D (1)An nviscid analysis softwareCHARMM (5)   -   The CHARMM Development ProjectA molecular simulation programChromium for Linux(38)   -   Google Inc.Linux version of popular open source web browserChromium OS(8)   -   Google Inc.A pure web thin client operating systemClearSilver (1)   -   Brandon LongA fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template systemCMake for Linux (1)   -   Kitware, Inc.Tools for software compilation processCOBOL IDE Project for Linux (4)   -   Eclipse FoundationIDE for Cobol programming languageCode Crusader (2)   -   New Planet SoftwareAn IDE for LinuxComix(2)   -   Pontus EkbergA comis viewer for LinuxCompHEP (1)A package for automatic calculations of elementary particle decayscPanel/WHM(1)   -   cPanelA web hosting control panel systemCqual (1)   -   SourceForge.netA type-based analysis tooldarktable(38)   -   darktable teamA digital photo editing and converting software for LinuxDataFlex (44)   -   The Database Managers, Inc.A relational, 4GL Object Oriented database programming languageDebian(16)   -   Debian Project TeamOperating system based on the Linux and FreeBSD kernelsDGuitar for Linux (4)   -   DGuitar AuthorsA Guitar Pro playerDisk Station Manager (1)   -   Synology Inc.A OS for Synology DiskStation NAS devicesdnaLIMS (6)   -   dnaTools, Inc.A set of bioinformatic tools for DNA ResearchDolphin for KDE (1)A file manager for KDEDrawView (3)   -   Jonathan MartenAcorn/Risc drawings image viewer for Linux/UnixDVDAuthor (1)   -   SourceForge.netA set of tools to help you generate DVD files to be played back on a standalone DVD playerDVIDPFM (1)   -   Mark A. WicksA DVI to PDF translatiorEasyChem (1)   -   SourceForge.netA program designed to draw chemical moleculesEclipse for Linux(77)   -   The Eclipse FoundationA Linux version of popular development environmentEclipse with ADT Plugin for Linux(5)   -   Google Inc.Linux version of IDE for making Android appsEgon Animator (3)   -   Ulric ErikssonA animation development software for LinuxElpoint (1)   -   Yuuichi TeranishiA presentation toolEmerald (1)   -   Compiz Fusion teamA custom window decorator from Compiz FusionEnlightenment (1)   -   Enlightenment.orgA window manager for Linux/X11 and othersERP5 (1)   -   ERP5 CommunityA ERP / CRM / MRP / SCM / PDM application softwareEttercap(2)   -   Ettercap ProjectA network connection snifflerEvince(2)   -   Evince TeamA document viewerFile Roller(29)   -   SourceForge.netA file archive managerFirefox for Linux(118)   -   Mozilla CorporationFirefox for Linux is popular free web browserFLAC for Linux(2)A free lossless audio codecFldigi (1)   -   W1HKJSoftware for amateur radio operatorsFlush (1)   -   SourceForge.netA GTK-based BitTorrent clientFOCUS for UNIX (1)   -   Information BuildersA standard for reporting and analysisFreeBSD(43)   -   The FreeBSD FoundationA Unix based operating systemGambas(3)   -   SourceForge.netA free development environment based on a Basic interpretergedit(258)   -   The GNOME ProjectThe official text editor of the GNOME desktop environmentGEMPAK (2)   -   Unidata Program CenterA meteorology software packageGeomorph (2)   -   Patrice St-GelaisA height field generator and editor for LinuxGeomview (6)   -   Geometry Center at the University of MinnesotaInteractive 3D viewing program for UnixGIMP for Linux(36)   -   The GIMP TeamGNU Image Manipulation ProgramGlade(1)   -   The Glade projectA rapid application development toolGLPK (7)   -   GNU ProjectA GNU linear programming kitGnome Desktop(16)   -   The GNOME ProjectA desktop environment for LinuxGnome Subtitles (4)   -   Pedro CastroA subtitle editor for GNOMEGnomeVFS (1)   -   The GNOME ProjectAn old virtual file system for GnomeGNU(1)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A free Unix-like operating systemGNU Arch (1)   -   GNU Arch TeamA revision control system for programmersGNU Bison (1)   -   GNU ProjectA general-purpose parser generatorGNU Compiler Collection (5)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A front end for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada programming languagesGNU cpio (3)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A Linux file archiverGNU Emacs(38)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A popular text editor for linuxGNU Gettext (2)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A set of tools for GNU programmersGNU GRUB (1)   -   GNU ProjectA Multiboot boot loaderGNU Libtool (1)   -   GNU ProjectA generic library support scriptGNU Make (1)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A tool used for generating executablesGNU Nano (1)   -   GNU ProjectAcommand line text editor for UnixGNU Privacy Guard for Linux(3)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A Linux version of free implementation of the OpenPGP standardGNU Prolog(3)   -   Daniel DiazA free Prolog compilerGNU Screen (2)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A full-screen window manager for LinuxGNU TeXmacs (1)   -   Joris van der HoevenA free wysiwyw editing platformGNXAS (1)   -   XAS group University of CamerinoA EXAFS data analysis softwareGod (1)   -   Tom Preston-WernerA server processes monitoring utility for LinuxGoogle Android SDK for Linux(10)   -   Google Inc.Set of tools that allows programmers to create applications for AndroidGoogle Android SDK Tools for Linux(8)   -   Google Inc.Linux version of the tools for Google Android SDKGoogle Chrome for Linux(70)   -   Google Inc.Linux version of the popular web browser from GoogleGoogle Chrome OS(8)   -   Google Inc.An operating system for Chromebook computersGoogle Picasa for Linux(22)   -   Google Inc.Digital photo manager, editor and converter for Linux operating systemGPSBabel for Linux(14)   -   GPSBabel.orgProgram for Linux that allows users to convert waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receiversGPSMan (1)   -   Miguel FilgueirasA GPS data managerGTKWave (1)   -   SourceForge.netA GTK+ based wave viewerGwenview(5)   -   KDE e.VAn image viewer for Linux KDE desktopGzip(8)   -   Jean-loup GaillyA file compression utility for UnixHandBrake for Linux(14)   -   HandBrake ProjectHandBrake for Linux is free multimedia transcoderHAProxy (1)A solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applicationsHippoDraw (1)   -   Paul F. KunzA data analysis softwareHP9100A Emulator (1)   -   SourceForge.netA calculator emulator softwareHTML2Image For Linux and Unix (6)   -   Guangming Software, Inc.A HTML to image converterHydrogen(9)   -   Hydrogen TeamA software synthesizer for Unix and Unix-based operating systemsIBM AIX - Unix operating system(12)   -   IBMA series of proprietary UNIX systems from IBMIBM i (2)   -   IBMA secure integrated operating environmentICQ for Linux(19)   -   ICQ LLCOfficial Linux client for ICQ instant messaging and video conferencing protocolIDOLON (1)A software tool to perform fractal image analysis on digitized imagesInsight II (17)   -   Accelrys Software Inc.A powerful molecular modeling environmentInstallWatch (2)   -   Gavin StarkA tool used to catalog and maintain software installed from source codesIntelliJ IDEA for Linux(13)   -   JetBrains s.r.o.Development envrionment that enables programmers to create applications for JAVAIRIX (6)   -   Silicon Graphics, Inc.A 64bit high-performance UNIX-like operating systemIsearch (1)   -   Etymon Systems, Inc.An open source text retrieval softwareISOLINUX (2)A boot loader for Linux/i386iusutils (1)Firmware handling software for InfoTMIC devicesJDownloader for Linux(8)   -   Jdownloader TeamLinux version of the popular download managerJokosher Audio Editor(2)   -   Canonical Ltd.A simple yet powerful multi-track studioJulia (1)A high-level programming language for technical computingK3b(1)A CD burning applicationKDE(4)   -   KDE e.VA desktop system for Linux and Unix platformsKdenlive(3)   -   Kdenlive development teamA multi-track video editorKeePass 2.x for Linux(1)   -   SourceForge.netA password management toolKivio (1)   -   theKompany.comA Flowchart software for Linux KDE desktopKMail - Mail Client (2)   -   KDE e.VEmail component for KDE environmentKMD(1)   -   Charles Brej PhD, BScA graphical debugger for Manchester ARM BoardKmPlot (1)   -   KDE e.VA mathematical function plotter for the KDE-DesktopKMyMoney(2)   -   KMyMoney Development TeamA personal finance managerKodi for Linux (XBMC)(7)   -   XBMCMultimedia playback tool and entertainment hubKommander (1)A KDE Development EnvironmentKonqueror(6)   -   KDE e.VDefault file manager installed in KDE desktopKTechlab (1)   -   SourceForge.netAn DE for micro controllers and electronicsKTooN (Tupi) (7)A free design authoring tool for 2D animationKTorrent(1)   -   KTorrent teamA bit torrent klient for KDEKWalletManager (1)A secure password manager for LinuxKWord(15)   -   KOffice.orgAn open source word processor for LinuxKWordQuiz (1)   -   KDE e.VA general purpose flash card programLarge Graph Layout (1)   -   SourceForge.netTools for making the visualization of large networks and trees tractableLC (1)   -   Cray Inc.A simulation tool for electromagnetic analysisLiferea(2)   -   Liferea TeamA Linux RSS feed readerLILO Linux Bootloader (1)   -   Joachim WiedornAn OS Linux loaderLilyPond for Linux(2)   -   GNU ProjectA music notation and composing software for LinuxLinux operating systems(132)   -   Various Linux developersA free open source operating system based on UNIXLiVES (1)   -   GabrielA video editing systemLout (2)   -   Jeffrey H. KingstonA document formatting system for LinuxLow Level Virtual Machine (1)   -   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer Science DepartmentAn interprocedural analysis softwareLPMD (1)A Molecular Dynamics (MD) code written from scratch in C++Lush (1)   -   SourceForge.netA Lisp dialect for object-orinted programmingLX-Viewer (7)   -   LX-Viewer TeamA free DWG viewer for LinuxLzip (1)   -   Antonio Diaz DiazA lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithmMailShift (1)An old e-mail utility for Unix/LinuxMandriva Linux One(1)   -   MMIX MandrivaA Linux operating systemMapjects GRYD for Linux (1)   -   Mapjects DevelopmentAn operations visualization platformMassively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program (1)   -   SourceForge.netA software for computing properties of atoms and moleculesmbsync (1)   -   Michael R. ElkinsA command line application which synchronizes mailboxesMcrypt (1)   -   John SmithA replacement for the popular Unix crypt command. cryptmdxplay (1)   -   Jezar at DreampointOld audio softwareMegaHAL (5)   -   Ai ResearchA conversation simulation program for LinuxMetFS (1)   -   EnderUNIX Software Development TeamA filesystem softwareMKVtoolnix for Linux (9)   -   Moritz BunkusA set of utilities for handling Matroska files in version for LinuxModula 3 (3)   -   ElegosoftA programming language for VAX workstationsMono for Linux (2)   -   monoAn IDE for making Linux appsMozilla Thunderbird for Linux(14)   -   Mozilla CorporationLinux version of popular e-mail clientMPlayer for Linux(44)   -   The MPlayer TeamA free multimedia player for Linuxmpq-tools (1)   -   babyfaceA Blizzard's MPQ archives handling utilityMySQL Enterprise Edition for Linux(9)   -   Oracle CorporationCommercial version of MySQL database server for business customersMySQL for Linux(24)   -   Oracle CorporationA Linux version of the popular relational database management systemMySQL Workbench for Linux(3)   -   Oracle CorporationLinux version of popular database modeling appNautilus-Flac-Converter (3)   -   SourceForge.netA FLAC to OGG converterNavicat for MariaDB (Linux) (10)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.MariaDB database mangement toolNavicat for MySQL (Linux)(31)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.A Linux version of the popular database tool for MySQLNavicat for Oracle (Linux)(14)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Linux database administration tool for Oracle database serversNavicat for PostgreSQL (Linux)(16)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Database administration and development tool for PostgreSQLNavicat for SQlite (Linux)(26)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.A linux version of the database administration tool for SQLiteNavicat Premium (Linux)(56)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.A linux forversion of popular MySQL toolNcview (1)   -   David W. PierceA visual browser for netCDF format filesNek5000 (1)   -   Argonne National LaboratoryA mature research DNS/LES computational fluid dynamics solverNero Linux(6)   -   Nero AGA Linux variant of popular burning softwareNetBeans for Linux(10)   -   Oracle CorporationA Linux version of NetBeans IDENetBSD(26)   -   NetBSD Foundation, Inc.A unix-derivate operating systemNeXTSTEP(7)   -   Next, Inc.NeXTSTEP is operating system for NeXT computersNitpicker (2)Internet traffic control softwareNmap(1)   -   Gordon Lyon (Fyodor)A freware open source utility for network exploration or security auditingNovell GroupWise for Linux(8)   -   Novell, Inc.A messaging and collaboration software for LinuxOcera Make System (1)   -   Pavel Píša and Michal SojkaAdvanced make systemOkular(13)   -   Okular developersAn universal document viewer for LinuxONETEP (1)Order-N Electronic Total Energy PackageOpen Inventor (2)   -   Silicon Graphics InternationalAn object-oriented 3D toolkitOpenBSD(3)   -   The OpenBSD ProjectOne of the many UNIX-like operating systemsopentracker(1)   -   Dirk EnglingAn open and free bittorrent trackerOpera browser for Linux(68)   -   Opera Software ASALinux version of popular web browserOutlook Open Converter (4)   -   alexgotevAn Outlook converter for Linuxp7zip for Linux(41)   -   Igor PavlovCommand line tool used to create and extract 7zip archivesParallels Plesk Panel for Linux (1)   -   Parallels Holdings Ltd.A software to manage websites, email, databases, and DNSParallels Workstation for Linux(9)   -   Parallels Holdings Ltd.Virtualizing software for Linux operating systemPC-BSD(2)   -   iXsystemsA BSD-based desktop operating systemPidgin(4)   -   PidginA free chat client that can connect to most IM nettworksPINGO (2)   -   Jörg WegnerA procedural interface for grib formatted objectsPogle (1)   -   Pandora InternationalA software for control linear devicesPowerAda (1)   -   OC Systems, Inc.IDE for Ada applicationsPPTP Client (1)   -   SourceForge.netClient for Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling ProtocolPuppy Linux(8)A lightweight distribution of LinuxQEMU(6)   -   Fabrice BellardA generic machine emulator and virtualizerqmail (1)An SMTP server softwareQTS (1)   -   QNAP Systems, Inc.A Linux-based operating system for QNAP NAS devicesQUAD (1)   -   SourceForge.netA ROLZ-based file compressorQucs (1)   -   SourceForge.netAn integrated circuit simulatorRADIANCE (9)A ray-tracking program for UNIXRakarrack (1)   -   SourceForge.netA multi-effects processor emulating a guitar effects pedalboardRAR for Linux(59)   -   win.rar GmbHLinux version of popular file archiverRational Rose Developer for UNIX (3)   -   IBMA Unix app to generate application modelsReadyNAS OS (2)   -   NETGEARNAS operating system for RadyNAS devicesREALbasic for Linux (6)   -   REAL Software, Inc.A linux version of REALbasic IDERedis (1)A key-value databaseRhythmbox(2)   -   The GNOME ProjectAmusic management application for GNOMERipXR for Linux (1)   -   RipXR Corp.A compression utilityRosegarden (5)   -   Chris Cannam and D. Michael McIntyreA music composition and editing environmentRPM Package Manager(4)   -   rpm.orgA command line driven package management system for LinuxRsyslog (1)rocket-fast system for log processingrzip (1)   -   Andrew TridgellA compression software for Linux/Unix systemssam2p (1)A UNIX command line utility for converts many raster (bitmap) image formats into Adobe PostScriptSamyGO ChanEdit for Linux (1)   -   SourceForge.netA program used to edit Samsung TVs channel listSawfish (1)A manager for LispSciGraphica (1)   -   Adrian E. FeiguinAn open source data analysis and visualisation toolSCREEM (1)   -   David A KnightA web development environmentScreen (6)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.A full-screen window manager for WindowsSDDS Toolkit (1)A set of simulation tools for analysisSeam Framework (1)   -   Red Hat, Inc.An open source development platform for building rich Internet applicationsSeamonkey for Linux(41)   -   Mozilla CorporationAll-in-one internet application suite for LinuxSeisWorks (2)   -   HalliburtonOld geoscience softwareSequence Alignment and Modeling (1)   -   Richard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghA biological sequence analysis softwareSequence Alignment and Modeling system (29)   -   Richard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSoftware tools for creating, refining, and using linear hidden Markov models for biological sequence analysisSEQUEST (1)A database search programSIAG (1)Spreadsheet editing software for Unix-like operating systemssK1 (1)   -   sK1 ProjectAn open source vector graphics editorSkype for Linux(12)   -   Skype LimitedA popular messanger in version for LinuxSlackware Linux(2)   -   Slackware Linux, Inc.A 32-bit multitasking UNIX systemSlax(3)   -   Tomas MatejicekA light-weight Linux operating systemSmarty: Template Engine (1)   -   New Digital Group, Inc.A web template system used to create active web pagesSnaps (1)   -   Canonical Ltd.Software deployment and package management systemSpiceCAD (1)   -   Kachina Technologies, Inc.An electronics schematics editorSplashtop OS (1)   -   Splashtop Inc.A browser based Linux Kernel OSSQL Anywhere for Linux/Unix (4)   -   Sybase Inc.SQL Anywhere for Linux/Unix is package of utilities used to develop database applicationsSQLite for Linux(29)   -   SQLite Development TeamA database engine in version for LinuxSQUASHFS (2)   -   SourceForge.netA compressed read-only filesystem for LinuxStampede Linux (2)   -   Stampede Linux ProjectA discontinued distribution of LinuxStarOS (1)   -   Valemount Networks CorporationAn old software for Valemount devicesStarSplatter (1)   -   Pittsburgh Supercomputing CenterA graphics generatorSteam for Linux(16)   -   Valve CorporationGame and software distribution platform for LinuxSublime Text for Linux(431)   -   Sublime HQ Pty LtdA sophisticated Linux source code editor for programmersSubtitle Editor (3)   -   KitoneA software for subtitle editing and preparationSunOS(16)   -   Sun Microsystems, Inc.A unix operating system for workstations and serversSuperKaramba (1)   -   SourceForge.netA KDE desktop theme making softwareSUSE Linux Enterprise Server(2)   -   SUSELinux-based operating system for servers, mainframes, and workstationsSynology DiskStation Manager(6)   -   Synology Inc.Default operating system in Synology NAS devicesSyslinux (1)A lightweight bootloader for Linux systemsTAR(8)TAR file archiver for UnixTaskJuggler (1)   -   Chris Schläger and Klaas FreitagA project management toolTellico(1)   -   Tellico development teamA media collection tracking softwareTeX Live (5)   -   TeX user groupsA TeX document production systemThecusOS (1)   -   ThecusOperating system and web UI for Thecus NAS devicesTimber (1)   -   timber-lang.orgA general programming languageTiny Core Linux (3)A highly modular based system with community build extensionstkMOO-light (1)   -   Andrew WilsonAn advanced chat client suitable for use with muds and especially MOO systemsTotem(9)   -   The GNOME ProjectThe official movie player of GNOME desktop environmentTranscoder(7)   -   Arman PoghosyanA free video converter for LinuxTransmission BitTorrent Client for Linux (1)   -   Transmission ProjectA BitTorrent client for Linux operating systemTuxGuitar (5)   -   TUXGUITAROpen source tablature editor and playerUbuntu(16)   -   Canonical Ltd.A free OS based based on Debian LinuxUnace for Linux (1)   -   e-merge GmbHACE archives extractor for LinuxUniConvertor for Linux (9)   -   sK1 ProjectA vector graphics converter for various Linux distributionsUnix(112)   -   The Open GroupA multi-tasking operating system for various platformsunRAID OS (1)   -   Lime TechnologyNetwork Attached Storage (NAS) server operating systemVala (1)   -   The GNOME ProjectA programming language for GNOME developersVariCAD Viewer for Linux (4)   -   VariCAD, s.r.o.A free DWG and VariCAD viewer for LinuxVarnish (1)Web application acceleratorVirtual Machine Manager (1)Desktop user interface for managing virtual machinesVirtualBox for Linux(16)   -   Oracle CorporationFree system virtualization platform for Linux operating system developed by OracleVisualization Toolkit (VTK) for Linux (10)   -   Kitware, Inc.AnOpen-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphicsVLC media player for Linux(210)   -   VideoLAN Project TeamLinux version of popular VideoLAN playerWebmin(1)   -   WebminA unix web-based inferface administration softwareWHAT IF (1)   -   Gert VriendA molecular modeling toolWiimms WDF Tool (3)A utility for handling og for WDF, WIA and CISO archivesX Window System(3)   -   X.Org FoundationA Unix like windowing OSXarchiver(90)   -   SourceForge.netA Linux application used as frontend for popular compression toolsXenServer(6)   -   Citrix Systems, Inc.A virtualization platform for Windows and LinuxXGS (3)   -   Joshua M. thompsonApple IIGS emulator for UnixXine(31)   -   the xine projectA free multimedia player for LinuxXL C/C++ for Linux (1)   -   IBMIDE software for LinuxXMind for Linux(25)   -   XMind Ltd.Open source brainstorming softwareXournal (1)   -   SourceForge.netProgram for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylusXShipWars (1)   -   Tara MilanaOlder massively multi-player space gameXtalview (3)   -   XtalviewA package for solving a macromolecular crystal structureXZ Utils (1)   -   Tukaani DevelopersA free data compression program for POSIX systemsXZX-Pro(20)   -   Erik KunzeA portable emulator of ZX SpectrumyEd for Linux (13)   -   yWorksA Linux version of diagraming toolYum Package Manager (1)An automatic updater and package installer/remover for rpm systemsZend Studio for Linux(10)   -   Zend Technologies Ltd.A Linux version of the professional PHP development toolZimpl (1)   -   Thorsten KochA mathematical programming languageZlib(5)   -   Jean-loup Gailly and Mark AdlerA data compression software library

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