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Subnautica Game - Subnautica

Subnautica Game

Have you ever wished to explore the untouched world located deep down in the ocean full of mysteries? Subnautica game absolutely makes your wish come true! The game is considered as an open world in which the players can depart their epic adventure and discover the new world under the water. The game is currently under building and development at Unknown Worlds, which is the separate game developer behind Natural Selection 2. Subnautica can help people touch their dreams! The game is surely very addictive to play when it consists of various factors, including role playing, discovery, sandbox, cinematic in order to bring the most exclusive, wonderful, amazing experience to the players ever! The main goal of Subnautica is to draw out an exciting feeling of the players when they enter the wild world in the ocean, and they have no idea about how far distance they can reach. The player will get impressed and surprised a lot while exploring. There will be some of the activities for them to fulfill. They can build up submarines and increase the b equipment so that they can obtain far distance and the diversity of the environment. In addition, Subnautica also helps them develop their surviving skill as well as strategic skill to tackle with the dangers, difficulties and become brave enough to venture into territories of the creatures.Subnautica game is currently available with Windows version at the price $19,99 on Steam. However, there will be some of the players waiting for the game to be released on Xbox One or play the demo version for free before purchasing the official one. For further information about this, we need to wait and see if the development team release other versions of the game or not!

Everything about Subnautica Game

Plunge into a huge Underwater World

The game takes place when you’re done crashing and landing on a strange ocean world (which can be seen as the world of aliens) and going deep down is the only thing you can do. The oceans of the Subnautic are extremely extensive, ranging from the wet sun shoal coral reefs to devious ditches which are so deep in the sea. Make the best use of oxygen supply when you discover various locations, such as Kelp Forests, highlands, reefs and twisting cave systems. You will experience the various water that you have never seen before; it’s full of life, which is somewhat useful, but dangerous much.

Rummage, Craft, and Survive

After awakening from the Life Pod, you need to spend your time on searching for essential resources such as water, food and increate the equipment that you have to discover. Make an effort to gather all resources from the ocean surrounding. Perform your crafting skills to create lots of weapons, like sharp knives, lights, diving equipment. Keep exploring more and more in order to obtain infrequent resources, which will permit you to craft more developed weapons and items.

Build Up Underwater Natural Surroundings

Construct b bases and place them on the sea floor. You are supposed to select the layouts and elements carefully, control the frame entirely and develop the pressure. The base will be used for storing the resources, parking vehicles and refilling the oxygen supplies when discovering the huge ocean

Divide the Food Chain

The ocean is full of life, and you will need help from the ecosystem. You can attract and distract a dangerous creature using a fresh fish, or you can also swim faster while trying to dodge the carnivorous predators wandering around in the ocean.

Terror when the night comes

When the shadows kill your light, you surely expect to bump into predators, sooner or later! The ocean always lets the unexpected meeting confrontation happen in the dark. The locations that are completely secure for you to discover in the daytime suddenly turn to dangerous when the night comes, but it also exposes magnificent scenes that the ones lurking in the darkness will never witness.

Form the World

The sea floor in the game is displayed utilizing a powerful voxel terrain system. Digging a lot of caves for hiding, keeping the loots, or the cave systems that have short-circuited. One thing that the players have to remember is that the vehicles or the detonating creatures will surely have effects on changing the way that the world views.

Explore Below The Deep

There are some cave systems wind located beneath the sea bed, from the obscure claustrophobic passages to the big caves lightened up by bio-luminescent life. You can depart some epic quests beneath the ocean floor, but you need to stay alert to the oxygen levels and try to dodge the dangers hiding the shadows.Open Development

If you want to check out what the development team is processing, you should explore the daily updates or even weekly updates. You can take a look at the real-time change logs, or send your feedback to the developers. Now, the Early Access of the game is currently opening, and the development team will be very glad to receive your feedbacks.

Development Team of Subnautica

Subnautica is still in the development at Unknown Worlds which is a game studio established by Charlie Cleveland and Max McGuire. The team is available around the world, including US, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia, France, Thailand, Australia and much more. The central office is located in San Francisco, California and it will be a home base for the entire team.

Download Subnautic game for free

For those who are interested in this epic aquatic adventure, they can completely enjoy the game for free by downloading it to the computer. We offer a free download version at this site, and all you have to do is to click the link below and start your download.Subnautica Download Now!

How to Install Subnautica Game

Installation is a next critical step after you finish your download. The game is not difficult to install. If you want to know how to install the game on your PC, then look at here.Subnautica Installation Guide!

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How To Keep Your Saved Game After An Update

How To Keep Your Saved Game After An Update

Subnautica download is an amazing game in which you will become a reluctant adventurer after your ship crashed and landed on a new planet covered with water. To improve the quality and attract more players, the development team added a lot of updates and improvements along with fixes, etc. However, this can make fans confused when many of them don’t know how to keep the saved game after an update. The guide below will give you and these people the best way to deal with this problem. There are a few specific steps that you should master including:

Step 1: Pay attention to the build or version number!

You are recommended to take note of the Build or Version Number. It means that you need to write down five digit numbers located at the top right corner of the Subnautica download’s title screen after you embark on the adventure. These numbers are very necessary for you later. Aside from that, you DO NOT open your saved game. If you try to do so, some files will be replaced while they are required so as to work. In case you have just played in your saved game after Subnautica game has been improved, this guide will not help you.

Step 2: Update your current Subnautica game version!

After you write down or take note the own build/ version number, you will be able to find out the folder of your favorite Subnautica game. The way that constitutes Subnautica game folder is different depending on Operating System (OS) that you use. If you are operating Windows 10, you can use the pathway for that OS. But, you use a dissimilar OS and you recognize what the pathway is to your Subnautica folder, please share to get a suitable update. Well, you may want to move to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Subnautica\ if you apply Windows 10.

When you are in the Subnautica folder, you can head to your SNAppData folder and visit SavedGames folder. There are some folders named slot0000, slot0001, slot0002, etc. Look for which of these folders having your saved game data. You will be only possible to see a screenshots folder if a folder doesn’t possess any saved game data.

In the saved game folder that you have, you will get three folders and lots of files below them. Scroll down to the bottom area to collect a file named “gameinfo.json”. Before you act anything else in Subnautica download, you should create a backup version of this file and store it in the place that you want to avoid something will go wrong.

After that, you will open this file as a Notepad or Notepad++ document. Search for “changeset”. Aside from that word, you should spot five digits. They represent your game’s previous build/version number. You are allowed to replace this five digit number with the one you saw on your Subnautica game’s title screen, which is the overhauled build/version number of the update. They will support you to play the present version of Subnautica download.

Step 3: Empty your cache files!

Scroll to the top and look up those three folders. The screenshots folder is now not pertinent. You can skip it. However, you can research two other folders called “CellsCache” and “CompiledOctreesCache. Note that is you have constructed and owned one or more sea bases in

Subnautica game, you can overlook to reach the next section. Otherwise, you can keep reading if you have already gotten many submersibles such as Seamoth, Cyclops, or P..R.A.W.N. suit.

What to do is opening the individual CellsCache and CompiledOctreesCache folders. Then, delete every single file that you have inside them. It’s good for you to create backups of these folders first if you prefer. Nevertheless, they are non-essential files. Therefore, you will not do anything to Subnautica game by removing them. Subnautica download will make more of these in the next time when you play and save the game progress.

All right! Come back to the main saved game folder. There is a long list of text files below three folders. Files look like this “batch-objects-6-18-4”. Delete them! Meanwhile, the bottom should have:





DO NOT delete these four files!

If you did this, you have to restart Subnautica game and continue playing. Remember that your game can be laggy because it needs time to load up all new terrains.

Step 4: Preserve your sea bases!

In Subnautica game, you should work hard to build up the settlement along with other devices and craft tools to defend yourself as well as find food and discover other areas to figure out the best method for survival. If you have constructed one or more structures, you will need to take this step before you start to move deeper. Luckily, you are capable of opening your saved game before you scratch out all cache files as long as your gameinfo.json file is modified for the current update of Subnautica game. Load up the saved game and wait for a while until the loading screen completes.

Press F1 to get a translucent black pop-up on the right-hand side of the Subnautica game screen. “Camera batch #:” is the current batch position/ location. It is what the cache files are recording. Creature eggs, dead creature bodies, ores which are not collected along with items that you deposit on the ocean floor will be recorded by the game as cache files. Once you clear these files, the corresponding batch position/location will start again. It will look like it did at the starting of the saved game after that. This means that resources will respawn in that area. Also, any change happening to that place will be reset, consisting of any terraforming/altering of the environment made by you or others. It is an important detail because whenever you build in Subnautica game, you can change the surroundings. If the batch locations are set again, they will extend over any change that you have accomplished. Bases will be burried under the ground by cliff faces, plants and coral, etc.

Return to that translucent black pop-up, you should hit F1 to view it. Write down the batch number you see. If you have only a small base, you can detect one or two batch numbers and vice versa. When you take note them, exit the Subnautica game and come back to your saved game folder. In the CellsCache folder and the CompiledOctreesCache folders, delete every batch file except for the batch files with the written numbers. And, move to your main saved game folder to do the same with “batch-objects-” files. Join Subnautica game and enjoy your existing saved game in the newest game version when you have done!

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Subnautica Guide - Subnautica

Subnautica Guide

Subnautica is an adventurous aquatic open world game in which players will have to create a whole new life under the water. Their spaceship has been crashed and landed on a water planet, forcing them to go outside and start another epic adventure. As the last survivor, the players have to start off doing some crucial tasks for their survival. They will have to collect lots of materials, resources to construct their base, submarines, then engage in battle against other underwater predators, develop their items and so on. Explore your new adventure now!


You will commence your adventure in a life pod that has a fabricator, power cells and some of the resources.

You can see that there are some organic bars that will refill the food bar dramatically in the storage case, as well as other useful stuff like titanium, water and much more.

The fabricator is considered as a crafting table, which permits you to make lots of items offered in the game. You can totally choose the stuff that you want to create by hitting some of the buttons when triggering the fabricator

You need to get some of the materials to create stuff in fabricators. If you are a beginner, you are highly recommended to craft the Scanner Tool

You can find the scanner throughout the button which is like a person. When you leave the option or the tab open, move your cursor over the item which is like the scanner displayed above.

Utilizing The Fabricator

Now you will start using this tool! It’s just like a machine that can help you create the approachable items. You need to get resources and blueprints to create the items. There are some tabs of the fabricator, including Materials, Food, Equipment, and Deployables. There are several items that need items which are supposed to be crafted by the fabricator. If you move the cursor over the items, those requirements will show up. If you leave the fabricator, it will get deactivated.

Collecting resource and discovering the underwater world

Before leaving your life pod or the base, you should learn that what you will do or what you have to prepare. Try to check out the requirements of the tools or the items that you want to have prior to leaving the pod/base, or else you will have a difficulty for sure. In addition, it will never hurt to learn about creatures and living things that you may bump into.

Significant details about creatures

There are various sorts of creatures, including carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Carnivores are very dangerous; they will totally absorb you unless they are too tiny to do that. Some of the creatures are considered as good fishes that you can eat. Airsacks, Peeperfish, Hoverfish, Eye fish, Deep Sea Peeper (Oculus), Garry fish (Yellow colored fish), Hoop Fish, Boomerang fish, Spade fish, Reginald fish, and Hole fish

  • Innocuous (non-edible) fish: Reefback, Shuttlebug, Rabitray, Cute Fish, Skyray, and Jellyray
  • Noxious (non-edible) herbivores: Crash, Sea Treader, Gasspod, Shcoker, and Tiger Plant
  • Dangerous (non-edible) carnivores: Bleeder, Bitter, Sand Shark, Crawler, Stalker, Bone Shark, Mesmer, Crab Snakes

Try to dodge the following ones no matter what, by any means! Otherwise, you will get killed in the game.

  • Crabsquid
  • Reaper Leviathans: Appear near the Aroura, it can create a loud roar within approximately 100 meters radius.
  • Sea Emperor: it can be bigger than the Reaper Leviathans

Mobile Vehicle Bay (MVB) Deployable

Mobile Vehicle Bay (MVB) is considered as a portable vehicle fabricator floating on the surface of the water. It can build up Cyclops and Seamoths only. Seemingly, you can’t craft the Exosuit because it’s not fully accomplished, even though you can make it get into the game using the command “spawn exosuit”You can totally move the MVB, station it, gather it or even utilize it.

It utilizes the thing called hovering fabricator bots which can build up some of the means of transport at a secure distance afar from you. When the building is finished, the bots will come back to the MVB and the vehicle will descend into the water.

Means of transport

In the game, they players can only take control of two functional means of transport which are currently accomplished. Check them out:The Cyclops: This is the giant submarine vehicle that can consist of a fabricator, storage units, Hull Plates and much more. Power cells are crucial elements of the Cyclops. You can alter this giant sub by utilizing the alteration capsules offered in the game. There are various things that the capsules can fulfill, including permitting to move deeper, more powerful hull, or other alterations. The Seamoth can be kept by the Cyclops in the docking bay below the sub in the center.

The Seamoth: This is a diminutive submarine which is the same as the Cyclops excluding that it only contains a pilot, power cell, and alteration access panel. The modification access panel is on the left wing/fin part of the submarine. No need to get a moon pool to attach the alterations or enhancements to the Seamoth. But you should utilize it because it permits you to construct the Seamoth upgrade station, which is kind of diminutive. You can build it on the walls. Thanks to the modifications/upgrades, Seamoth can include a storage container, topedo launcher, electrical protective system, hull reinforcement, depth enhancement and Sonar capability. Please remember that you can totally get 4 modifications/upgrades for Cyclops and Seamoth.

 The Exosuit: You can’t craft Exosuit, but this one can be still entered the game with the assistance of this command “Spawn Exosuit”. This is a sort of vehicle that is movable, flyable mineable, searchable and so on. Because of the “incompleteness”, the Exosuit is unable to fulfill those things, unless you have already triggered the experimental option when seeing the options menu at the time you started the game. Exosuit is considered as a wonderful vehicle. However, some of the users probably find that the exosuit is kinda like a blocky, it can’t fly, can’t move, can’t mine and stuff like that. Although some of the people can see and use it in a discrepant version or through the selection of the game

Easter Eggs/Feasible Future Features

Check out some of the excellent features that you will experience in Subnautica game!Fabrication Vehicle: this is called vehicle which is like a battleship. However, it is equipped with any weapons, and it has consists of two arms.

Developed Sub: Check the sub below here and consider about it! It kinda looks like a Cyclops sub. This can be viewed as an upgrade to the Cyclops vehicle later.

Eagle 2: This feature was already found in the game, and it was just like a glider. It can be considered as an upgrade to Seamoth in future. However, nothing can be sure! We gotta wait!

Roadmap: With the roadmap, you can totally dock a Cyclops using a base in which both of them will link together.Surveillance camera: This is called a vehicle, but it will become a far-off controlled vehicle that you can direct from a surveillance room.The Island: It’s completely true! The island did exist in Subnautica. The game consists of around 3 to 5 islands. The map which is shown below here can display the zone of things.

Mysterious Submarine: It’s sort of enormous and looks like a boss. However, it’s unknown. Is it like a Cyclops? You can see that the cockpit is placed at the fore of the vehicle. There is still a chance for it to become the subsequent design of Cyclops. Take a closer look at the cockpit; you can see that the pilot looks way too diminutive. Therefore, the cockpit is approximately 2-4 times bigger than the cockpit of Cyclops. Because the cockpit is known as the diminutive portion of the sub, the whole sub or vehicle itself will be way too enormous.Most of the players will surely want to know if this one can appear in a future update or not. The answer will be very different. You can see that this vehicle is extremely big, so it can’t traverse near the Life Pod and other shallow zones either. You have to collect the main resources which are mostly in the center of the areas on the map, so of course, you can only use this one for discovery and interest. But you still can travel through some deep locations like the void. There is a chance for this vehicle to appear. There are two ways to explain that, either the game developers extend the map, move the terrain down a bit, move the crucial resources, or they place it in the game just for nothing but fun. Probably it can become a giant enhancement of the game if the developers decide to attach this vehicle as they try to extend the map.

Brand new Cockpit Concept Design: The new cockpit can be a merging of a seamoth and a Cyclops design. This could be due to its size which can be altered in order to suit the Seamoth, Cyclops, or Exosuit, or it can be a cockpit of another ship. The design can be difficult for Cyclops because probably it doesn’t have a door installed in the loading area. If it does have, perhaps the players won’t have permission to leave the cockpit.

Cyclops Internal Design: Different from the primary Cyclops design, this one will permit players to wander off the sub or move freely without causing any troubles. However, the water can easily flow in if there is a crack in the hull of the sub, making this one more fragile than the primary one that contains a hatch to stop water from flowing in.

The unknown Crab/Snail based lifeform: Seemingly, this creature is a merging or something called mutation between a snail and a crab.

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Free Resource Guide for Subnautica Game

Subnautica Game Guides

Subnautica game opens an epic aquatic adventure for the players to earn more experiences and improve their surviving skills while exploring the mysteries of the oceans. Frankly speaking, Subnautica is very warmly welcomed by most of gamers since the game brings an awesome gameplay, contents, graphics and other features to them. The oceans are always filled with exotic resources and you surely confront them or depart your adventure to hunt for them in the game. Now, let’s discover a resource guide for free in Subnautica! You will find all necessary resources!

Tutorial for Resources in Subnautica

Subnautic Biome Map

See the map above? This is such an amazingly helpful map for you to check out all the discrepant locations, biomes in the ocean. The map will show you useful information!

OutcropsYou can find lots of limestone outcrops in some of locations, including Safe Shallows, Kelp Forests, Caves, Grassy Plateaus, Underwater Islands, Crash Zone, Inactive Lava Zone, DunesDrops: Copper Ore and Titanium

This is Sanstone Outcrops, and if you want to find them, just simply go to Grassy Plateaus, Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forests, Caves, Dunes, Kelp Forests and of course, Mountains.Drops: Gold and Silver Ore

For the Basalt Outcrops, they are easier to be found! Pay a visit to these places and you can get them: the Grand Reef, Mushroom Forests, Underwater Islands, Bloody Kelp, Koosh Zone, Lava Geyser’s.Drops: Diamond, Gold, and Uranium.

Just move to Jelly Shroom Caves, Mushroom Forest Caves, Lava Caves, and you will definitely find Shale OutcropsDrops: Lithium and Gold.

Raw MaterialsCopperAre you searching for Copper? This tutorial will help you in finding them! Come to these places and you will get the Copper for sure: Underwater Islands, Kelp Forests, Grassy Plateaus, Crash Zone, Sparse Reef, and DunesYou can only achieve it through limestone Outcrops

TaitaniumSo now you are trying to find Taitanium? Don’t worry, we will let you know where to find this material! Just go to Safe Shallows, Kelp Forests, the Grassy Plateaus, Underwater Islands, the Crash Zone, Sparese Reef, Dunes, Caves, Inactive Lava Zones and Metal SalvageTry to get it through Limestone Outcrops

SilverAre you hunting for Silver? It’s not hard to find them! Let’s get to Kelp Forests, Grassy Plateaus, Blood Kelp and Dune then you will achieve this material.However, you should remember that you can only achieve it via Sandstone Outcrops

GoldPay a visit to these places: Grassy Plateaus, Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forests, the Koosh Zone, The Grand Reef, Dunes, and Mountains and you will surely find some goldRemember to use Sandstone, Basalt and Shale Outcrops to achieve gold

DiamondDiamond is currently available at some of these locations: Mountains, Mountain Range Caves, Lava Caves, Mushroom Forests, Underwater Islands, Blood Kelp Caves, and the Grand Reef.With the Basalt Outcrops, you can totally get diamond

UraniumDo you want to know where Uranium is? It’s easy, you need to move to Mountains, Mountain Range Caves, Mushroom Forest’s, Caves, Lava Geyser’s, Underwater Islands, and the Grand Reef to hunt for them!For this material, you have to bring Basalt Outcrops and The Grand Reef Seabed so that you can get it

LithiumLithium is not very hard to find! Actually, this material is currently available at some of locations, including Crash Zone, Dunes, Floater Island, Grassy Plateaus, Jelly Shroom Caves, the Koosh Zone, Lava Caves, Mountain Range Caves, Mountains, Mushroom Forest Caves, Mushroom Forests, and the Sparse ReefYou can achieve it via Shale Outcrops

QuartzEnter these places to find Quartz! They are Safe Shallows, Kelp Forests, Grassy Plateaus, Underwater Islands, the Crash Zone, the Grand Reef, the Sparse Reef, Blood Kelp Zone, and Dunes.

Salt DepositAre you in need of Salt Deposit? Let’s come to some of locations and get your material now, including Safe Shallows, Kelp Forests, Grassy Plateaus, Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forests, the Koosh Zone, Floater Island, the Grand Reef, Sparse Reef, Blood Kelp, and Dunes.

Table CoralIf you come to Safe Shallows, Mushroom Forest, Kelp Forests, and Koosh Zone, you can easily to find Table CoralUtilize your knife and try to cut it to achieve your material

Common Coral/Coral PlateCome to Safe Shallows, Grassy Plateau, Crash Zone, Koosh Zone, Mountain Range Caves, and Mushroom Forests to hunt for frequent coral, or coral plateRemember to use the knife so that you can cut it

Metal SalvageLet’s roam around these places Safe Shallows, Kelp Forests, Grassy Plateaus, Dunes, Bloop Kelp Zone and the Crash Zone to search for metal salvage now!

Acid MushroomsYou can hunt for acid mushrooms in these locations: Safe Shallows, Mushroom Forests, and the Grassy Plateaus.

CreepvineCome to Kelp Forests and get your Creepvine!

Creepvine Seed ClusterThe same goes for Creepvine Seed Cluster, move to Kelp Forests and get them!

Crash PowderIf you want to get Crash Powder, just pay a visit to Safe Shallows Caves

Aluminum OxideGrand Reef location contains lots of aluminum oxide. Go to that place now!

Blood OilBlood Kelp Zone and Blood Kelp Caves are places storing lots of Blood Oil

Stalker ToothYou can only achieve this material by releasing the metal salvage on the Stalker, then begin to bit it until a tooth breaks off.Mercury OreMercury Ore is only available at Sparse Reef and the Grand Reef location, so move to these places to search for them.

MagnetiteMountains, the Mountain Island, Mountain Range Caves, the Koosh Zone, and in Jelly Shroom Caves are the locations that contain magnetite. It’s inevitable to have issues when searching for this biome. Just to let you know, this location is very deep throughout the Grassy Plateaus.

Edible AnimalsAirsack



Filtered Water


  • Amiable
  • You can this creature as a food source or water if you need
  • Go to Grassy plateaus, Kelp Forest, Mushrrom Forest, Underwater Islands, Safe Shallows, and the Grand Reef then you will find this animal for sure!
  • It’s very energy for both day and night





  • Affable
  • It can become your best food source
  • If you move to Crash Zone, Sparse Reef, Grassy Plateaus, Kelp forest Caves, the Grand Reef, Koosh Zone, Mountain Range Caves, Underwater Islands, and the Safe Shallows, you can bump into this creature a lot
  • It’s only energetic in the day time


  • Eyeye is a friendly creature
  • Fill your food source with this one
  • It’s currently available in Crash Zone, Dunes, Caves, Koosh Zone, Kelp Forests, and the Grand Reef.
  • Eyeye is very dynamic in the daytime and at night


  • Lovely
  • You can utilize it as a food source
  • It usually roams around the Dunes, Underwater Islands, and the Safe Shallows.
  • It will turn very energetic in the daytime only

Hole Fish




  • Affable
  • Use this creature as your food source
  • If you travel to the Crash Zone, Mushroom Forests, Mushroom Forest Caves, Safe Shallow Caves, and the Safe Shallows, you will see lots of hole fish there
  • This creature is energetic day and night


IntimateUsing it as a food source is so wonderfulKelp Forest Caves, Underwater Islands, Koosh Zone, and the Grand Reef are places that contain this creatureIt’s always active, regardless day and nightHoverfish




  • Loveable, approachable
  • If your food source is not enough, you can use this creature
  • Kelp Forests, the Crash Zone, and the Safe Shallows are locations where you can find it
  • It’s active all the time!





  • Intimate
  • You can add it to your food source
  • It only appears in Jelly Shroom Caves
  • It’s always active





  • Amiable
  • You can utilize it as a food source
  • Go to Crash Zone and Safe Shallows, you will hunt for it easily
  • It’s energetic all the time
  • It’s extremely quick and it’s very arduous for you to catch it





  • Loveable and intimate creature
  • Using it as a food source is so cool
  • It’s available in lots of zones, including the Grand Reef, the Crash Zone, Mountain Range Caves, Mountains, Spike Plant Caves, Sparse Reef, and the Grassy Plateaus.
  • It’s always dynamic regardless of day and night





  • It’s very intimate and cute
  • You can increase your food source by adding this creature
  • It can be hunted in some of locations, such as Mushroom Forests, Dunes, Caves, Underwater Islands, the Grand Reef, Sparse Reef, and the Grassy Plateaus

It’s energetic and dynamic all the time.

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